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Lunar Empress Lux Review

In the vast realm of League of Legends skins, some stand out as true gems, and Lunar Empress Lux is undoubtedly one of them. Released on February 8, 2018, this Legacy skin has captivated the hearts of many players with its exquisite design and mesmerizing visual effects. But what makes this skin truly special? Let’s dive into the world of Lunar Empress Lux and uncover its secrets.


Picture Lux, the radiant Demacian sorceress, adorned in regal blue attire, standing as a guardian of the immortal realm. This is the essence of Lunar Empress Lux’s lore. From a young age, Lux was groomed for the noble duty of protecting the world from darkness, and she’s not alone in this quest. She draws strength and companionship from the ever-faithful Warwick and Nasus. Together, they stand as sentinels, ready to fend off any threats to their sacred realm.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Lunar Empress Lux is nothing short of enchanting. Lux is envisioned as a blue-clad Demacian sorceress, radiating power and grace. This concept art serves as the foundation for the skin’s stunning execution. As you’ll soon see, the designers spared no effort in bringing this vision to life.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Lunar Empress Lux is a testament to the artistry of League of Legends skins. The skin features new textures and subtle model changes for Lux, enhancing her overall appearance. Notably, her wand receives a fresh texture, adding to the mystique of her spells.

When it comes to visual effects, Lunar Empress Lux truly shines. Her abilities are adorned with beautiful golden animations, with her Q ability standing out as a radiant spectacle. While the E animation may bear a slight resemblance to Elementalist Lux’s E, it can be seen as an improved version, featuring more pronounced and intricate details.

The skin’s dark outfit beautifully complements the blazing and flowing golden details adorning her shoulders. Her entire ensemble is outlined in gold, a subtle yet striking touch that’s prominently displayed in the splash art. And let’s not forget the recall animation – it’s a whimsical delight. During the recall animation, Lux is accompanied by two adorable, kitten-like creatures that frolic around her, adding a touch of charm to her character.

Unique Features

  • Mesmerizing Golden Animations: Lunar Empress Lux’s abilities are a sight to behold, with vibrant golden animations that dazzle in the heat of battle.
  • Elegant Blue Attire: Lux’s royal blue attire exudes grace and power, fitting her role as a Demacian sorceress to perfection.
  • Playful Recall Animation: Lux’s recall animation adds a touch of whimsy, with cute kitten-like creatures joining her in a heartwarming display.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, the burning question for those eager to add Lunar Empress Lux to their collection in 2023 – how can you obtain it? Unfortunately, you won’t find this skin available for purchase in the Riot Store. It’s tucked away in the Legacy Vault, waiting for special occasions or promotions to make it accessible again. So, while it may not be directly acquirable at the moment, keep an eye out for those opportunities when the vault doors swing open.

Gamers Feedback

Lunar Empress Lux received mixed reactions from the LoL community. Many players praised its stunning visuals and the improvements to Lux’s abilities, while others expressed concerns about the frequency of Lux receiving new skins and the need to focus on less-frequently skinned champions.

  • @SailorMorgy28 (5 years ago): “As much as I love Lux, I think there are so many other champs that deserve new skins.”
  • @jackselis (5 years ago): “You’re all complaining that Lux is getting her 8th skin, but no one’s complaining about Gragas’ 10th skin? :’)”
  • @sheluxlit7077 (5 years ago): “Lux represents Nuwa, the Mother Goddess of Chinese Mythology, and the skin’s theme fits her perfectly.”
  • @jimmyowo6181 (5 years ago): “It’s really nice and I love it, but she didn’t need a new skin… Still going to buy it though.”

My Feedback

Lunar Empress Lux is a visually stunning skin, and I appreciate the effort put into its splash art and in-game effects. The skin looks beautiful and attractive, and I’ve personally enjoyed using it in my games.

However, I do have some concerns about the frequency of Lux receiving new skins. While I enjoy the Lunar Empress Lux skin, I think there are many other champions in the game who have fewer skins or have not received a new skin in a long time. It’s crucial for Riot Games to balance skin releases across all champions to ensure fairness and diversity in the cosmetic options available.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Lunar Empress Lux is a captivating addition to the world of League of Legends skins. It offers a visually stunning experience with its golden animations, regal blue attire, and playful recall animation. If you’re a fan of Lux and appreciate high-quality skins, this one is certainly worth considering. I Rate this skin 7 out of 10.


What is Lunar Empress Lux and why is it special?

Lunar Empress Lux is a Legacy skin in League of Legends released on February 8, 2018. It’s special due to its captivating design, golden animations, and whimsical recall animation, making it a favorite among players.

What is the lore and concept behind Lunar Empress Lux?

The skin’s lore portrays Lux as a guardian of the immortal realm, drawing strength from companions Warwick and Nasus. The concept envisions her as a blue-clad Demacian sorceress radiating power and grace.

What are the visual features and effects of Lunar Empress Lux?

The skin features new textures and model changes for Lux, along with beautiful golden animations for her abilities. The outfit is a regal blue, outlined in gold, and the recall animation includes cute kitten-like creatures.

How can I obtain Lunar Empress Lux in 2023?

In 2023, Lunar Empress Lux is not available for direct purchase in the Riot Store. It resides in the Legacy Vault, only accessible during special occasions or promotions.

What are the player opinions and concerns about Lunar Empress Lux?

Player reactions are mixed. While many praise the skin’s visuals, some express concerns about Lux receiving frequent skins, suggesting the need for more variety in champion skin releases.