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Lunar Wraith Morgana

Lunar Wraith Morgana skin released in 2016 and is part of the Lunar Revels series of skins, which includes such skins as:
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn;
Jade Fang Cassiopeia;
Lunar Goddess Diana;
Dragon Fist Lee Sin;
Lunar Empress Lux;
Lunar Guardian Nasus;
Guqin Sona;
Lunar Wraith Sylas;
Coin Emperor Tahm Kench;
Lunar Guardian Warwick;
Jade Dragon Wukong;
Radiant Wukong.

The developers have changed everything, the visual part, animations, sounds. Now Morgana appears before us in a red bright dress, emphasizing her femininity and beautiful green wings, as if from leaves. Instead of a standard headdress, she now has a green crown with which she resembles a lady of nature, and the new dance is quite unusual, you need to see it!
The animation of returning to the base was also changed, now Morgana utters some mysterious spell with gestures, then her hands light up and she instantly disappears from the magic circle.

How to get Lunar Wraith Morgana in 2020?

Unfortunately, this skin has been moved to Legacy Vault and will probably be available for purchase in the in-game store in honor of some event, but this does not happen as soon as we would like.
If you want this skin now, you can purchase an account with the skin already activated on it in our store.

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