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Noxus Hunter Anivia – skin released on Aug 23, 2010. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Blackfrost Anivia
-Festival Queen Anivia
-Bird of Prey Anivia
-Hextech Anivia
-Noxus Hunter Anivia
-Prehistoric Anivia

Crystallized phoenix clad in icy armor. Noxus Hunter The name “Anivia” gives one the impression that she is a hunter for the Noxus empire. Because their society gives the cult of strength and aggression a significant amount of importance, this aggressively belligerent state is home to some of the most skilled and ruthless warriors in the world. Therefore, we can say that Anivia does not constitute an exception. Anivia is portrayed as a bird made of ice and dressed in gold armor that covers her entire body except for her wings on the splash art for the game. She unfolded her wings and prepared to soar into the heart of the adversary. Because both its claws and its beak are as sharp as daggers, it is highly unlikely that the enemy will prevail in the fight. You can also make out, further in the background, an older castle, which is most likely the one she guards. The Anivia model in the game is perfectly drawn, and it almost gives the impression that the wings are actually made of ice crystals.

The only change that the developers made to this skin was the texture, which is unfortunate because they could have made other improvements. The abilities’ animations, particle effects, and sound effects have not changed. It’s possible that in the future, when they do an update for the Noxus skins (like Draven and Katarina), that they will also update the animations for this skin. Having said that, it is important to point out that the standard particles look wonderful. It would appear that the ice particles that Anivia releases into its opponents are actually pieces of its wings. In the end, they are composed of ice crystals themselves.

How to get Noxus Hunter Anivia in 2022?

It has already been mentioned that the skin was designed in addition to the Noxus champions, and that it can be purchased for 520 Riot Points. Nevertheless, the skin is currently stored in Legacy Vault, a location to which Riot Games grants access for a condensed period of time in order to commemorate an occasion. The only way to acquire the skin at this time is to purchase an account from our store that already has Noxus Hunter Anivia activated on it. Unfortunately, the skin is no longer available for purchase in the in-game store.

Anivia, the Hunter Noxus skin, made her debut in August of 2010, making her a vintage skin. Anivia is portrayed as a menacing bird of prey who adorns themselves with golden armor that shines brilliantly. Anivia, the Noxus Hunter skin, has been updated with a brand-new model and texture. Because Anivia’s wings are now covered in golden armor, she stands out even more than she did before. The improved version also comes with a new Anivia helmet that has two horns that stick out of the top of it. This is a feature that will come in handy when she is sweeping down to strike her opponents. The particles, animations, and noises that are produced by Anivia have not been altered in any way. Riot did not have the resources or the time to add any new features because it was one of the first skins to hit the market in August of 2010, and it was one of the first skins to reach the market.

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