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Pirate Ryze Review

Ahoy, fellow gamers and League of Legends enthusiasts! Today, we set our sights on an exciting treasure in the vast sea of skins – the Pirate Ryze! This Legacy skin made its debut on October 25, 2012, and it brings a swashbuckling pirate theme to our beloved mage, Ryze. With a price tag of 975 RP, it’s time to embark on an adventure to discover what this skin has to offer!


According to lore, in a world and time different from ours, when the burden of stopping yet another Rune War became too much, Ryze abandoned his previous life to conquer the high seas of Runeterra! Armed with his trusty cannon and his magic flowing like gold through his fingers, Pirate Ryze teleports from ship to ship and coast to coast, taking whatever he desires. Arrr, that’s the life of a fearsome pirate mage!

Concept and Inspiration

Picture this – Ryze dressed as a classic buccaneer, ready to plunder and dominate the Seven Seas. Pirate Ryze embraces the pirate theme without being overly simple or ordinary. The model is intricately designed, paying close attention to the details of classic pirate attire. With the recognizable clothes, bandana, eye-patch, and a golden earring, the buccaneer look is unmistakable. Plus, his trusty cannon replaces the scroll on his back, giving him an imposing and preposterous appearance. It’s a costume that oozes style and charm!

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

From his dashing attire of stripped trousers, a long shirt, a coat, and leather boots, to the iconic eye-patch and golden earring, Pirate Ryze’s buccaneer appearance screams adventure on the high seas. While the blue skin might feel a bit out of place, the tattoos and Ryze’s voice complement the theme perfectly.

The skin boasts new animations and particles that reinforce the corsair vibe. His Overload ability shoots a magical ball from the cannon on his back, making it stand out impressively. His joke animation, where he drinks rum that materializes out of thin air, adds a touch of humor and mischief. However, the updated version loses the daring pose from Rune Prison and the sips from his bottle during idle, which were charming details that connected the pirate aspect to the magical display.

Unique Features

To sum up, Pirate Ryze has some unique features that make it a standout skin in the League of Legends seas. The buccaneer theme is strikingly well-executed with attention to detail in Ryze’s appearance. The Overload animation with the cannon adds a distinctive touch to the skin and enhances the overall experience. Additionally, the humorous rum-drinking animation brings a smile to our faces.

Obtainability in 2023

As we set sail in 2023, the Pirate Ryze skin can be a bit elusive to get your hands on. It is currently locked away in the Legacy Vault, making it unavailable for purchase directly from the in-game store. However, fear not, for there’s a way to hoist this pirate treasure into your inventory! Smurfmania.com offers the chance to acquire accounts with the sought-after Pirate Ryze skin, so keep an eye on their offers if you’re eager to add this swashbuckling skin to your collection!

Gamers Feedback

The Pirate Ryze skin receives mixed feedback from LoL players. While some appreciate its thematic concept and design, others express disappointment with the clunky and delayed Q animation.

“So much potential wasted, it hurts my soul. The skin lacks the polish and attention to detail that would make it truly exceptional.”

“Does it still have that kind of e? Because it is very difficult to see the timer. The lack of clarity in the visual effects can be frustrating during gameplay.”

“I have it, personally I really dislike the Q animation, feels too much clunky. The animation doesn’t feel as smooth and responsive as the default skin.”

“Critical auto attacks. The skin has an appealing theme, but some players wish it had more unique features to make it stand out further.”

My Feedback

Now, as a seasoned Ryze player who’s wielded this skin on the battlefield, I must admit that while Pirate Ryze has its allure, it’s not all smooth sailing. The standout letdown for me is the Q animation. It feels clunky and delayed compared to the smoothness of the base Ryze skin and his other variants. This inconsistency can make it less enjoyable to play with and might leave you longing for a more polished animation.

On the brighter side, the skin’s overall design and splash art have a captivating alpha feeling that adds to the theme’s authenticity. I appreciate the effort put into differentiating abilities like spellflux, overload, rune prison, and realm warp with specific visual effects, which adds some variety to the gameplay experience and makes you feel like a true pirate mage on the high seas.

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap up our journey with the Pirate Ryze skin, let’s chart our course to the final verdict. If you’re a fan of Ryze and have a soft spot for pirates, this skin is definitely worth considering. The pirate theme is well-executed, and the unique animations and differentiated abilities add a touch of flair to your gameplay.

However, it’s important to weigh the drawbacks as well, and the clunky Q animation might not sit well with some players, especially those accustomed to smoother performances from other Ryze skins.

With all factors considered, I give the Pirate Ryze skin a rating of 6 out of 10 doubloons! The Legacy status and the opportunity to obtain it during the Harrowing event make it more accessible and less exclusive, but the animation issues keep it from sailing to the top of my favorites list.


What is the concept and inspiration behind Pirate Ryze skin?

Pirate Ryze is a Legacy skin that transforms Ryze into a swashbuckling mage who conquers the high seas of Runeterra. He sports classic pirate attire, a trusty cannon, and magical abilities.

What are the unique features and design elements of Pirate Ryze?

The skin’s design is intricately crafted with attention to detail, featuring stripped trousers, a coat, bandana, eye-patch, and a golden earring. The cannon on his back replaces his scroll, and his abilities have new animations and particles.

How can I obtain the Pirate Ryze skin in 2023?

The skin is currently locked away in the Legacy Vault, but you can acquire it through third-party sellers like Smurfmania.com, which offers accounts with the sought-after Pirate Ryze skin.

What is the gamers’ feedback on Pirate Ryze skin?

Players have mixed opinions. Some appreciate the theme and design, while others are disappointed with the clunky and delayed Q animation, which feels less smooth and responsive compared to the default skin.

What is the overall rating and conclusion for the Pirate Ryze skin?

The Pirate Ryze skin receives a rating of 6 out of 10. While it offers a captivating pirate theme and unique animations, the clunky Q animation holds it back from being a top favorite among players.