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Pool Party Syndra Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends and taking a closer look at the Pool Party Syndra skin. Released on July 2, 2020, this epic skin has been making waves in the League community. So, grab your towels, sunscreen, and your favorite champion, Syndra, because we’re heading to the beach!


Picture this: golden sands, crashing waves, and Syndra ready to make a splash! The lore of Pool Party Syndra invites us to join the fun and embrace the beachy vibes. “Are you all ready for the beach!? Let’s have fun!” That’s the motto here, and it sets the tone for the whole experience.

Concept and Inspiration

So, what inspired Riot Games to create Pool Party Syndra? Well, it’s all about bringing the beach to the Rift! Syndra, in her Pool Party theme, is a perfect fit for this sunny adventure. The concept revolves around taking a break from intense battles and enjoying some beachside relaxation. It’s like a vacation for your favorite champion.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Now, let’s talk about what makes this skin stand out. Riot went all out with the design, giving Syndra a brand-new model, fresh textures, and animations that are as cool as a dip in the ocean. Her orbs are transformed into massive volleyballs that add a playful twist to her abilities. Just imagine, Syndra using her powers to serve you a victory on the beach!

The splash art shows Syndra donning a flowing purple skirt over her swimsuit, complete with a silver leg tattoo and a yellow visor. It’s a look that screams “fun in the sun.” And speaking of fun, her recall animation is a riot (pun intended)! Watch as Syndra gets a bit miffed and creates a giant, fused ball to hit a crab that dared to mess with her. It’s a little moment of beachside humor that’s bound to make you smile.

When it comes to sound and visual effects, Pool Party Syndra hits the bullseye. The skill particles and animations will remind you of a day at the beach, with shells and sand blowing away. And her ultimate’s animation? Prepare to be mesmerized as those volleyballs make a satisfying splash on your enemies.

Unique Features

Pool Party Syndra is more than just a skin; it’s an experience. Here are some unique features that set it apart:

  • Volleyball Orbs: Syndra’s orbs are transformed into giant volleyballs, giving her abilities a playful beachy twist.
  • Hilarious Recall: Syndra’s recall animation is pure comedy gold. You’ll love how she deals with a pesky crab.
  • Stunning Visuals: The sand and shells being blown away during her E ability are a visual treat.
  • Satisfying Ultimate: The ultimate ability’s animation, with splashy and bubbly particles, is oddly hypnotic.

Obtainability in 2023

Good news! You can still snag the Pool Party Syndra skin in the Riot store for 1350 RP. It’s a steal for the amount of fun and flair it brings to your games.

Gamers Feedback

Overall, Pool Party Syndra has seen notable improvements since its pre-release version, with players generally appreciating the changes made by Riot Games. While some players find the skin visually appealing and enjoy the added sand-themed visuals, there are still reservations about the color scheme and a desire for additional animations to enhance the skin’s personality.

“I personally don’t think it’s a bad skin BUT with her already having a water-themed skin and it being purple, which is already Syndra’s main color, it kind of doesn’t do its justice for her.”

“I can’t believe I waited years for this. The changes definitely improved the skin, but it’s still not perfect. The color scheme and missing animations leave something to be desired.”

“Syndra casually playing volleyball in a swimsuit. Also Syndra: A LEGION COULDN’T STOP ME, WHAT CHANCE DO YOU HAVE? “

“I wished that since her dance was ‘Hoot’ by SNSD, in this skin she would dance to ‘Party,’ another SNSD song, which is summer-themed like this skin. It would have added a fun and fitting touch to the skin’s personality.”

My Feedback

So, what’s the scoop from a fellow gamer’s perspective? Well, I’ll be honest; I found the Pool Party Syndra skin visually appealing, even though I’m not a Syndra main. The inclusion of sand-themed visuals and the faded towel were nice touches that added character to the skin.

But, like any gamer, I had some nitpicks. I wished for a different color scheme at times, as the skin might still feel a bit too purple. And I couldn’t help but miss certain animations, like Syndra jumping and hitting the ball, which could have added more personality to the skin. However, I did find myself considering Syndra as a main after receiving this skin in a chest. It’s a testament to how attractive this skin can be, even if you’re not initially a Syndra enthusiast.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Pool Party Syndra has come a long way since its release, and I must say I find it visually appealing and enjoyable. While there are a few reservations about color choices and animations, it’s a great addition to Syndra’s skins. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this skin a solid 7.

So, if you’re a fan of Syndra or just looking to add a splash of fun to your League of Legends experience, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Pool Party Syndra skin a try. It’s a beachy blast that’s sure to make your gaming sessions a bit sunnier. Dive in and enjoy!


What is the Pool Party Syndra skin in League of Legends?

The Pool Party Syndra skin is a cosmetic option for the champion Syndra, released on July 2, 2020. It transforms Syndra into a beach-themed character, complete with unique visuals and animations.

What are the unique features of the Pool Party Syndra skin?

The skin features giant volleyball orbs for Syndra’s abilities, a humorous recall animation where she deals with a crab, stunning sand and shell visual effects, and a visually appealing ultimate ability animation with splashy and bubbly particles.

How can I obtain the Pool Party Syndra skin in 2023?

You can purchase the Pool Party Syndra skin from the Riot store for 1350 RP, making it accessible to players who want to add a fun and unique flair to their Syndra gameplay.

What are some common player feedback and criticisms of the Pool Party Syndra skin?

Players generally appreciate the skin’s improvements, but there are reservations about the color scheme and a desire for additional animations to enhance the skin’s personality. Some players also expected more thematic consistency.

What rating does the author give the Pool Party Syndra skin and is it recommended for Syndra enthusiasts and League of Legends players?

The author rates the Pool Party Syndra skin a solid 7 out of 10, finding it visually appealing and enjoyable. They recommend it to Syndra enthusiasts and players looking to add some fun to their League of Legends experience.