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Prom Queen Annie – skin released on February 7, 2011. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Frostfire Annie
-Hextech Annie
-Sweetheart Annie
-Reverse Annie
-Super Galaxy Annie
-Red Riding Annie
-Goth Annie
-Panda Annie
-Franken Tibbers Annie

Annie in the image of Prom Queen. She was the most popular student and deservedly received this honorary title. The approval of others and this incredible crown made this evening special for Annie.
On splash art, you can just watch the award ceremony. Prom Queen Annie stands on the stage in the rays of light, she is showered with confetti. Next to her is the faithful Tibbers, who is the companion. Also, there is a reference to another skin. In the shadows and alone stands Almost Prom King Amumu. He watches the awards and cries. But he really wanted to be a king! In the game, Annie is dressed in an evening green dress. A queen’s ribbon hangs on her shoulder, and in her hands she holds a teddy bear in a suit. And of course, a magnificent crown! On Tibbers you can see a black vest, bow-tie and hat. He prepared well to support his friend. True, in this outfit he looks a bit like a gangster and looks funny. In the end, the bear is Annie’s protector and must instill fear in the enemies.

The developers left the particles and animations unchanged. Although it sounds strange, it’s sometimes fun to watch Prom Queen blowing flames into enemies and her companion a huge fiery bear. Perhaps it was worth changing the recall animation and somehow linking it to promenade dance. In any case, the skin costs only 520 RP and you can collect the entire collection of Prom skins. After all, there are only two skins – this one and Almost Prom King Amumu.

How to get Prom Queen Annie in 2020?
At the moment, the skin is in Legacy Vault, access to which Riot Games opens for a limited period of time in honor of an event. But now the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store and the only way to get the skin now is to buy an account with Prom Queen Annie Amumu already activated on it in our store.
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