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Sailor Gangplank Review

Ahoy, fellow League of Legends gamers! Today, we’re setting sail on a thrilling adventure to explore the wondrous world of Sailor Gangplank! This Legacy skin, released on January 10, 2011, takes our beloved champion Gangplank and dresses him up as a classic navy soldier from the 18th to the 19th centuries. So, buckle up your swashbuckling boots and get ready to dive deep into the lore, design, sound effects, and unique features of this maritime masterpiece!


“O, Bilgewater has been my home, Since the last time I was sailing! But I’ll not stay another day, I’d sooner be out whaling.”

In the heart of Bilgewater, Sailor Gangplank’s journey began. He’s a true sailor at heart, with a thirst for adventure and the open sea. Armed with his trusty caplock gun and a sharp sword, he’s ready to conquer the waves and plunder treasures. The salty air of the ocean is his comfort, and the tales of the high seas echo in his every step. If you crave the thrill of the seven seas, Sailor Gangplank might just be the skin to set your heart aflutter!

Concept and Inspiration

Sailor Gangplank is an iconic skin that harks back to the early days of League of Legends. This maritime masterpiece portrays Gangplank as a sailor from the golden age of seafaring, spanning the 18th to the 19th centuries. The concept of the skin beautifully captures the essence of a classic navy soldier, ready to conquer the oceans with style and flair. It’s a nod to the rich history of naval adventures and the daring spirit of sailors who explored uncharted waters. And hey, there might be a little bit of Popeye’s charm in there too!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

When it comes to design, Sailor Gangplank delivers a charming personality that’s hard to resist. His blue pants, white robe, and adorable sailor hat exude an old-school sailor vibe that’ll warm your heart. The attention to detail is commendable, though it’s more of a caricature-like portrayal, reminiscent of the legendary Popeye.

Armed to the teeth with his caplock gun and trusty sword, Sailor Gangplank is ready to unleash havoc upon the Rift. The flame effects from his sword add a touch of drama to the skin, making it even more appealing.

The splash art of Sailor Gangplank is a picturesque display of our swashbuckling captain in all his glory. Standing proudly on a wooden pier, with merchant ships in the background, it’s a scene straight out of a 19th-century painting. While the caricature attempt may not please everyone, it does add to the skin’s charm and uniqueness.

Unique Features

  • Legacy Skin: Sailor Gangplank is a retired skin, which means it’s no longer available in the official stores. It’s a rare gem that not every player possesses, making it a prized possession for collectors and fans alike.
  • No New Particles or Animations: While Sailor Gangplank’s design is spot on, there are no new particles or animations. But hey, it’s still a classic skin that retains Gangplank’s core feel, so no complaints there!
  • Classic Sailor Aesthetic: The skin’s aesthetics capture the essence of a classic sailor, taking us back to the golden era of maritime adventures. It’s a nostalgic nod to the brave sailors who sailed the seas centuries ago.

How to Get It in 2023

Since Sailor Gangplank is a retired skin and it’s in Legacy Vault now, you won’t find it in the official store anymore. While it’s not super rare, it’s not the most common skin out there either. But fear not mateys! You can still find it in Smurfmania store, where its rarity doesn’t determine its price.

Gamers Feedback

Just got this skin from rerolling 3 skins (trading in a legacy skin as one of the three). Definitely loving this skin. Looks really hipster. Old sailor Gangplank looks kinda like a bogan.

God damn this skin with the rework is absolute trash

Where is my golden deagle?!?

My Feedback

Arr, I must admit, I’ve had Sailor Gangplank in my inventory for many a year. Back in the day, I fancied it quite a bit, but I’ve got to be honest with you, me hearties – it doesn’t quite hold the same appeal for me now. Before the rework, the skin looked finer, no doubt about it. The new sailor model does remind me of the navy from that famous anime One Piece, and that’s a good thing, no doubt about it, but the old Popeye version had a certain charm that I can’t quite shake off.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a decent skin, and the cartoony sailor style has its own allure. But when I weigh it against some of the other spectacular skins out there, Sailor Gangplank just doesn’t stand out as much. The charm of being a classic navy soldier and the nostalgia of old-timey sailors are definite pluses, but it lacks that wow factor that makes me want to flaunt it on the Rift.

Conclusion and Rating

To sum it all up, Sailor Gangplank is a skin for those who truly love our cheeky captain and the seafaring tales of old. If you’re a fan of Gangplank, this skin does add a charming personality to the champion. However, in the vast sea of League of Legends skins, it doesn’t quite make a splash like some of the more remarkable options.

For the updated version, I must confess that it’s a far cry from the old look that I loved. While the charming aesthetics of a sailor’s adventure are still present, it simply doesn’t feel as attractive or interesting as the previous iteration. The lack of new particles and animations might be a drawback for some, but the classic sailor style makes up for it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this updated Sailor Gangplank a 5. It’s a decent purchase if you’re in need of a cartoony sailor style, but there are certainly better options for our beloved pirate captain.


What is Sailor Gangplank?

Sailor Gangplank is a Legacy skin released on January 10, 2011, for the champion Gangplank in League of Legends. It transforms him into a classic navy soldier from the 18th to the 19th centuries, complete with a sailor hat, caplock gun, and sword.

How can I obtain Sailor Gangplank in 2023?

Since it’s a retired skin and no longer available in the official store, you won’t find it there. However, it might be available in the Legacy Vault or through third-party sellers like Smurfmania store.

What makes Sailor Gangplank unique?

Sailor Gangplank is a Legacy skin, making it a rare and sought-after collectible. While it doesn’t have new particles or animations, it retains a classic sailor aesthetic that evokes nostalgia for old-timey maritime adventures.

How does Sailor Gangplank compare to other skins?

Some players find Sailor Gangplank charming and nostalgic, while others prefer the previous version’s Popeye-like design. It may not stand out as much as some other skins, but for Gangplank enthusiasts and fans of classic sailor themes, it can still be appealing.

What is the feedback on the updated version of Sailor Gangplank?

The updated version of Sailor Gangplank has mixed reviews. While it maintains the sailor theme, some players feel that the previous version had more appeal. The lack of new particles and animations may be a drawback for some, but it still offers a cartoony sailor style for those who appreciate it.