Santa Draven – skin released on December 12, 2017. It shares line with skins such as:

-Beast Hunter Draven

-Gladiator Draven

-Pool Party Draven

-Soul Reaver Draven

-Mecha Kingdoms Draven

-Draven Draven

-Primetime Draven

Santa Draven is the one who gives naughty children a holiday, because they deserve it too. He makes his way through the chimney to deliver gifts in his own special style! The visual style of the skin is unusual and bright. Here the developers tried to combine the kind atmosphere of Christmas and the daring image of Draven and they succeeded. He wears the famous red twist, but sleeveless, and a shirt embellished with gold. Tall black boots and pants also try to give the champion a cooler look. It is also worth paying attention to the weapon, which also combines the familiar elements of this event. The ax handles are nothing more than the golden hands of the clock, and the ice blades just keep us from forgetting about winter. Splash art looks very nice and contains a couple of references. Santa Draven just bursts into some house, breaking through the wall, and brandishing his axes. Small penguins are standing around him, and one of them even dropped his cookies and a glass of milk out of surprise.

Riot has added some other cool textures as well. New particles, namely piles of snowflakes, which can be seen while throwing axes. Whirlwind Death also allows you to see ice and snow, which is just great. And at the time of recall, behind Santa Draven appears a chair on which lies the famous red bag. He gives several gifts to penguins, and does it very deftly, then sits down in a chair.

How to get Santa Draven in 2022?

This is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP and if you are a fan of the Christmas Themed skins winter theme then you should definitely buy it.

Santa Draven wears a stylized and colourful blazer and shirt with gold embellishments, but it’s his pointed hat that stands out the most. In reality, the Glorious Executioner’s acceptance of such plain pants and boots is unexpected; the gloves are fine. All of this adds up to a skin with a lot of disconnected pieces and a primary, presumably, theme that isn’t really visible. Santa Draven may have a central message, but it skirts around it with other unrelated but ineffective concepts, resulting in a jumble of components on the skin. Behind all the craziness, there is something to like, but it isn’t much. Draven and Santa are both capable of doing better.

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