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Vandal Gragas Review

Welcome to the world of League of Legends, where champions and skins abound! Today, we’re diving into the wild world of Vandal Gragas, which was released on March 02, 2012. It’s a skin that brings the biker gang style to the beloved drunken brawler. In this article, we’ll explore the lore behind this rugged skin, the concept, and inspiration that birthed it, and delve into the design, sound effects, and animations that make it stand out. Join me on this thrilling ride as we uncover the unique features of Vandal Gragas, and find out how you can get your hands on this awesome skin in 2023!


Gragas is no stranger to trouble, having been kicked out of countless wasteland settlements. But when you have a man who can concoct a brew mixing potent liquids with unrefined gasoline, you might as well let him have a few bars to call his own. Vandal Gragas embodies this rebellious spirit, and it’s no surprise he’s a perfect fit for the biker gang lifestyle. This fearless brawler earned his place among the Vandals with his love for partying, mischief, and, of course, knocking back barrels of his infamous brew.

Concept and Inspiration

Imagine Gragas inviting you for a round of drinks. You know when he’s involved, it’s going to be a wild time. As you spot a massive bearded motorbike rider approaching, fear not; he’s just pumping his keg, ready to share the good times with his gang. Vandal Gragas isn’t one to hide behind facades – what you see is what you get. He’s the epitome of the modern tough biker, donning sunglasses, a leather jacket, and a bandana, all while sporting a devilish grin.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The design of Vandal Gragas is nothing short of perfection. The medieval barrel has undergone a stunning transformation, now a metallic modern keg that fits his biker persona flawlessly. The sharp brass knuckles add a dangerous edge to his appearance, making it clear that he’s always ready for a brawl. His animations have received a fresh update, with a new cask-pumping animation when he stands idle, showcasing his rebellious spirit. Barrel Roll has a new particles. After Gragas throws the barrel at the opponent, the barrel begins to unroll as the drink pours out of it under pressure.

The sound effects retain Gragas’s classic style, ensuring that each barrel roll and explosive cask toss sounds as satisfying as ever. It’s a seamless blend of the old and the new, making Vandal Gragas a timeless and entertaining choice for any player.Β 

Unique Features

  • Modern Tough Biker Design: Vandal Gragas embodies the rebellious spirit of a modern-day biker gang member, complete with sunglasses, a leather jacket, and brass knuckles. This fresh take on Gragas’s appearance makes him a standout choice on the battlefield.
  • Updated Animations: The new cask-pumping animation and barrel roll add flair to his moves, making him even more enjoyable to play.
  • Classic Sound Effects: Despite the modern makeover, the skin retains classic sound effects that make each action feel impactful and satisfying.

Obtainability in 2023

In 2023, Vandal Gragas remains an exciting skin to add to your collection. Originally priced at 975 RP, this skin stands above average due to its unique and well-crafted design. As a retired legacy skin, it has become a rare gem for collectors. While it may not be readily available in the official Riot store, fear not – you can still grab it at! If you want to add Vandal Gragas to your inventory, Smurfmania is the place to go.

Gamers Feedback

The consensus among the LoL community is clear: everyone loves this skin!

Good Job Riot πŸ˜‰ thanks for that !

Why Vandal is unavailable? πŸ™

Really cool:D i love it πŸ˜€ i see the combos ^^

It is weird how Gragas is less fat in this skin, why is that :c?

My Feedback

As an Gragas fan, I must say that Vandal Gragas is simply awesome. He’s like the Sons of Anarchy version of our favorite drunken brawler, and I can’t get enough of it. The spiked metal knuckles add a touch of danger to his punches, and there’s something incredibly satisfying about slamming opponents with his head.

Playing with Vandal Gragas opens up new combo opportunities, especially with the W animation canceled. It’s the perfect skin for those who love Gragas or simply enjoy the gang-style aesthetic. I have it in my inventory, and it’s my go-to choice whenever I want to cause some havoc on the Rift with style.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Vandal Gragas breathes new life into the classic champion we all know and love. The biker gang theme perfectly complements Gragas’s rowdy personality, and the skin’s overall design is both refreshing and engaging. From his modern tough biker appearance to the updated animations, Vandal Gragas is a hit.

If you’re a fan of Gragas or simply dig the gang style, this skin is a must-have for your collection. With its distinct changes and well-executed design, Vandal Gragas scores a solid 7 out of 10. So, hop on your virtual motorcycle and join Gragas on his raucous adventures with this fantastic skin!


What is Vandal Gragas skin in League of Legends?

Vandal Gragas is a biker-themed skin for the champion Gragas. It was released on March 02, 2012, and it portrays Gragas as a tough biker gang member, complete with a modern keg and brass knuckles.

How can I obtain Vandal Gragas skin in 2023?

As a retired legacy skin, Vandal Gragas is a rare gem for collectors and may not be readily available in the official Riot store. However, it can still be obtained at

What are the unique features of Vandal Gragas skin?

Vandal Gragas features a modern tough biker design, updated animations like a new cask-pumping animation, and classic sound effects that retain Gragas’s original style.

What is the concept and inspiration behind Vandal Gragas skin?

Vandal Gragas draws inspiration from the Sons of Anarchy vibe, portraying Gragas as a wild and rebellious biker who loves partying, mischief, and his infamous brew.

What is the reviewer’s rating and feedback for Vandal Gragas skin?

The reviewer rates Vandal Gragas as a solid 7 out of 10, praising its well-crafted design, engaging animations, and combo opportunities. They recommend it for Gragas fans and those who enjoy the biker gang aesthetic.