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Ah, Vandal Gragas, the iconic Biker that everyone has at least heard about in the League of Legends community. Released in the good old year of 2012, this skin was a major leap in quality for the skins available for Gragas during the time. This skin is very well known for one thing, its design. This design is incredibly unique considering there aren’t many skins like it. 

Vandal Gragas in detail

Vandal Gragas is basically just your stereotypical biker on the road, but the twist is that the biker is now in League of Legends which is very cool. When the skin first came out it costed 975 RP which was a bit on the pricey side during that time, but overall the price was mostly fair. The sad news about this skin is the fact that it is no longer obtainable, and the reason for that is because Vandal Gragas is a legacy skin now, which means it will be much more difficult to obtain. 

Is Vandal Gragas a good skin?

Vandal Gragas is definetly a great skin. This skin’s design is absolutely incredible and astonishing. If your one of those individuals who mains Gragas then this is definetly a skin you want to look out for when it’s available again. Overall this skin is very good, because it feels very distinctive and original, which is a very good quality to have on a skin.


Vandal Gargas is definetly an interesting skin with his “gang-style” theme. To sum it up this skin is for people who are looking for an alternative view on Gargas, so if that is you then this skin is definetly for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more “fantasy-like” skin for Gargas, then you might want to look elsewhere as this skin offers none of that. In conclusion, though I think this skin is pretty good for what it offers, and it has a very good design too which is a plus, but it can be a turn-off for those looking for a more fantasy oriented skin on Gargas. 

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