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Vandal Jax is definetly one of the more strange skins in League of Legends. Vandal Jax was released on February 24, 2010, making it a decade old at this point in time. The skin itself at the time costed 520 RP which is insane value in modern-day League of Legends standards. Sadly this skin is a legacy meaning it will be harder to obtain. Legacy skins are not usually available in the store, so the only reliable way to get them is to wait for the Legacy vault to re-open which can sometimes take a while. 

Vandal Jax in detail

Vandal Jax definetly looks weird in my opinion, but that isn’t a negative thing at all, in fact, I think it fits Jax quite well. Jax as a champion is meant to be wacky and unusual, so this skin perfectly fits that concept. Another thing I really admire about this skin is the new weapon model that this skin gets. The weapon model looks kinda like a huge piece of wood shaped like a bat. Overall I am a huge fan of the changes presented in this skin, but I am definetly not a fan of the lack of new features. You don’t get any new particles, or any new SFX either which is a huge upset. Nonetheless, this skin is from 2010 so that is to be expected with an older skin. 

Is Vandal Jax worth it?

Vandal Jax is currently very hard to obtain at this point in time. However, if you want my opinion, I would say that this skin is average at best, I mean it has a really cool design don’t get me wrong, but it just seems kinda basic, and generic. I don’t hate this skin at all, but I feel like Riot could have put a bit more effort when designing this skin. Still, though I would recommend buying it since it’s really cheap, and is definetly worth the price. 


For a 2010 skin, it’s a fairly decent skin. Sadly, however, this skin at its current state will be very hard to obtain due to the nature of legacy skins. The best way to obtain this skin is to wait for the legacy vault to re-open. If you manage to obtain this skin, then I gladly salute your efforts as a League of Legends player. Overall while quite rare, this skin is an interesting version of Jax, and should definetly not be forgotten.

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