Void Fizz is yet another skin in the Void family. It was released on 07/04/2014 and is available in the store for 1350 RP. At a closer glance, this skin may just look like another simple Fizz skin, but it’s not, in fact, it changes so much from the original Fizz, that it definetly looks quite impressive as a skin. In a way, this skin could be the “alter-ego” of Void Fizz in the sense that it acts as the “evil version” of Fizz with its more sinister design.

Void Fizz in detail

As you can probably tell, this skin is basically a darker version of Fizz, with more sinister and dark elements thrown into it. Quite honestly I think it looks really cool on Fizz, the normal blue on Fizz just looks generic and simple, but this just turns Fizz from a simple champion to an intimidating and badass skin. The purplish color, and the Red enchanting and glowing eyes are some of the highlights of this skin.

Fizz is twisted by the Void into a monster form that takes away most of his youthful attractiveness. This isn’t always a negative thing if done well, but the underlying traditional aspects frequently conflict with the modern topic, resulting in mixed outcomes. To begin with, the new model has qualities that make him unpleasant, such as a third eye, claws, and wrinkled, black skin, as well as an organic, live trident; Chomper has also been distorted into a nightmare leviathan. The particles, like the music, aren’t very notable, but they do give the abilities a pleasant new shine, notably for Playful and Chum the Waters. The voice-over has an intriguing, warped sound that fits the concept perfectly.

Is Void Fizz worth it?

It is definetly worth it if you are looking for something evil or dark on Fizz. Although there is a steep and heavy price tag of 1350 RP, you get a lot for your buck. When you purchase Void Fizz, you get a brand new model, new animations, a brand new sound, and new particles. All of these new features are definetly a cool addition to this skin.


Void Fizz is amazing, the concept of getting corrupted by the Void and changing the overall appearance of Fizz is definetly genius. There is a good chance that this skin will probably not appeal to every gamer out there, but at least you’re getting a lot of value when purchasing this skin, so that is definetly something nice you gain from this skin. Overall in my opinion this is one of the best skins that Fizz has to offer. Void skins in general are very awesome, and probably one of my favorite skin themes in League of Legends.

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