When respected safeguards of Shurima against the Void, Aatrox and his brethren would ultimately turn into a considerably more prominent danger to Runeterra and were crushed exclusively by tricky human witchcraft. Yet, following quite a while of detainment, Aatrox was quick to find opportunity again, tainting and changing those silly enough to attempt to employ the mystical weapon that contained his embodiment. Presently with taken tissue, he strolls Runeterra in a fierce guess of his past structure, looking for a prophetically catastrophic and extremely past due retaliation.



His detained structure is looking like a sword Aatrox used as a Darkin, an enormous red natural edge with sharp spikes and natural platting that emulates steel. A thumping heart close to its handle is his own life energy, throbbing through the edge.

His actual structure regularly appears as his pre-detained Darkin structure. Here, he has a major height, standing taller than most humans. His skin is red, most splendid on his chest, and he has natural covering shells on different pieces of his body, including his right arm, back, legs, and head. The covering shell on his head shapes a protective cap with two enormous horns, and on his back are two huge wings that he regularly uses to raise himself starting from the earliest stage threatening individuals.

It is obscure what Aatrox resembled in his Ascended structure, but it is realized that he seemed to be like his present structure with wings and brilliant protection.



Before the Darkin War, Aatrox was known as an extraordinary boss and the vanguard of generally honorable contentions. He was honorable and faithful to the Shurima Crest icon.png Shuriman Empire and felt free to his kindred Ascended in a fight. His lead was valid and only and as such he could undoubtedly get everyone excited behind him. The Void War profoundly damaged generally climbed like Aatrox. He would begin having a more grim perspective on the world, seeing no reason for its further presence. He had a profound doubt of others as well as loathing everybody that has violated him. These inclinations would be held within proper limits until the Fall of Shurima.

His savagery and outrage were notorious even among other Darkin. This standing would prompt his possible detainment by the Aspects. His psyche further decayed during obscure timeframes caught in his sword jail. During timeframes when he had the option to assume responsibility for has, he would mercilessly and with no delay assume responsibility for their bodies until they were past use. His definitive objective is to dive Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra into insensibility with the goal that he could get an opportunity of at last passing on.



  • Hemomancy: Aatrox, very much like any Darkin, has blood sorcery capacities, ready to involve blood as a weapon as well as an instrument.
  • Body Manipulation: Aatrox can dominate and change the type of the body of any human that employs Aatrox’s sword. To change the type of their body, in any case, Aatrox needs to kill others and utilize their flesh to change his structure. He frequently utilizes this capacity to get as near his past Ascended structure as could be expected.
  • Ascension: Aatrox, very much like any Darkin, began as a Sunborn, which conceded him enormous actual capacities, immense,size and admittance to divine wizardries.
  • Immortality: Aatrox is interminable. His cognizance is caught inside his weapon, and the weapon is indestructible. There is no known approach to forever kill Aatrox.
  • Sword Proficiency: Aatrox is prepared in the utilization of his huge sword, which is pervaded with the sorcery of the Ascended. He involves this in a fight and killed the Aspect of War with it.

Champion in League of Legends. Aatrox uses an exceptional asset framework rather than Mana. He tops off his Blood Well every time that he initiates a capacity or channels wellbeing from himself. Assuming that Aatrox passes on with any blood in his Blood Well he restores and is then unfit to resuscitate himself for a moderate measure of time.

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