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Ahri Review

Welcome, fellow gamers and summoners, to the world of League of Legends, where we’ll dive into the mystical realm of Ahri, the enchanting fox-like vastaya. If you’re here, you probably already know that Ahri is one of the most captivating champions on the Rift. But just in case you’re new to this extraordinary character, let me introduce you to her. Ahri, the alluring mage-assassin, made her debut on December 14, 2011, and she belongs to the Burst class, making her a force to be reckoned with in the middle lane. So, what makes Ahri so special, you ask? Let’s find out!


Ahri’s lore is as mesmerizing as her gameplay. Innately connected to the magic of the spirit realm, Ahri is a fox-like vastaya who can manipulate her prey’s emotions and consume their essence. This unique ability allows her to receive flashes of their memories and gain insight from each soul she devours. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Ahri. Once a powerful yet wayward predator, she now embarks on a journey to find remnants of her ancestors and replace her stolen memories with ones of her own making. Ahri’s captivating lore adds depth to her character, making her more than just another champion on the Rift.

Champion Abilities

Now, let’s delve into the heart of Ahri’s gameplay – her abilities. Ahri’s kit is a dazzling display of magic and cunning, making her a versatile champion in any situation.

  • Passive: Essence Theft Ahri’s passive ability, Essence Theft, grants her the power to heal after killing 9 minions or monsters. When she takes down an enemy champion, her healing potential increases significantly, rewarding aggressive plays and calculated takedowns.
  • Q: Orb of Deception Ahri’s Orb of Deception is a skillshot that sends out and pulls back her magical orb. It deals magic damage on the way out and true damage on the way back, making it a versatile tool for poking, wave-clearing, and bursting down enemies.
  • W: Fox-Fire With Fox-Fire, Ahri gains a burst of movement speed and releases three homing fox-fires that lock onto and attack nearby enemies. This ability not only enhances her mobility but also provides consistent damage in skirmishes and team fights.
  • E: Charm Ahri’s Charm ability is her secret weapon. She blows a kiss that damages and charms an enemy it hits. This charm not only stops enemy movement abilities but also forces them to walk harmlessly towards Ahri, setting up devastating combos.
  • R: Spirit Rush Ahri’s ultimate ability, Spirit Rush, takes her gameplay to the next level. She dashes forward and fires essence bolts, damaging nearby enemies. What makes this ability truly outstanding is its multiple recasts, allowing Ahri to zip around the battlefield and make flashy plays.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ahri

Ahri’s strengths lie in her mobility, burst damage, and crowd control abilities. She excels at roaming and making picks, thanks to her Charm and Spirit Rush. However, she does have her weaknesses. Ahri can struggle against champions with heavy crowd control or long-range poke, and her all-ins are less effective if her Charm misses.

Best Items for Ahri

Ahri’s itemization has seen some changes, but there are a few standout options that can elevate your gameplay with her.

  •  Everfrost: This Mythic item has seen buffs and is now a top contender for Ahri. It offers crowd control, damage, and survivability, making it a versatile choice.
  •  Liandry’s Anguish: If you’re facing tanky opponents, Liandry’s Anguish with its % health damage and ability haste can help you melt through them.
  •  Luden’s Tempest: When you’re up against squishy foes, Luden’s Tempest provides magic penetration and movement speed, enhancing your ability to assassinate.
  •  Rabadon’s Deathcap: A must-buy item for Ahri, it boosts your AP significantly and ensures your spells hit harder.
  •  Void Staff: Essential when facing enemies stacking magic resistance, but you can skip it if they have little to no MR.
  •  Lich Bane: Great for extra burst damage, especially when you want to swap out your boots.
  •  Shadowflame: Ideal for countering champions with shields, but not recommended against tanky foes.
  •  Cosmic Drive: Offers the most ability haste in a single item, making it valuable when you need to kite and cast your spells frequently.

Ahri’s itemization is versatile, and your choices should adapt to the specific game situation.

Best Lanes and Roles for Ahri

When it comes to where Ahri shines, the middle lane is her home. She’s consistently one of the top-performing champions in this lane, thanks to her versatility and ability to roam. Ahri’s mobility and charm make her an excellent choice for mid, where she can impact other lanes and secure objectives.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Understanding Ahri’s matchups is crucial for success. She excels against champions like Cassiopeia and Neeko in the mid lane, but be cautious when facing off against LeBlanc and Azir, as they can prove to be formidable opponents. Knowing when to engage and when to play defensively can make all the difference in these matchups.

Price of this Champion in 2023

As of 2023, Ahri’s price in the League of Legends store stands at 3150 blue essence or 790 Riot Points. This makes her accessible to both new and experienced players, allowing anyone to experience the charm of this enchanting fox.

My Feedback

Now, let’s talk about my personal experiences with Ahri. Ahri isn’t your typical lane dominator or late-game scaling monster. She thrives in the mid lane by facilitating team plays and roaming. Her mobility, especially when combined with early boots, allows her to roam first and set up plays. Land those charms, and you can create opportunities for dives or invades. Ahri’s gameplay revolves around swift in-and-out movements with Spirit Rush. However, a common mistake I’ve noticed is players sticking to Luden’s Tempest every game. Ahri’s strength lies in her item flexibility, so don’t shy away from Everfrost and Liandry’s, which can act as Swiss Army knives against various team compositions.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Ahri’s lore is filled with fascinating tidbits that add depth to her character. Did you know that her early life was spent among a pack of icefoxes in northern Shon-Xan, where she was accepted as one of their own? Her journey from there to discovering her abilities to channel the Spirit Realm is a captivating story. Ahri’s quest for understanding her origins led her to locations like the Garden of Forgetting and Omikayalan. Her role in battling the Ruined King Viego and her decision to house his discarded memories showcase her growth and commitment to bringing hope to the world.

As for gameplay tips, here are some insider tricks:

  • Use Charm to set up your combos; it makes landing Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire much easier.
  • Initiate team fights with Charm, then use Spirit Rush to chase down stragglers.
  • Spirit Rush is not just about damage; it opens up paths for landing Charm, helps with double hits from Orb of Deception, and lets you close the gap to use Fox-Fire effectively.
  • Orb of Deception is your harassment tool, dealing significant damage.
  • Ahri’s teamfighting is strong due to her ability to harass with Orb of Deception and Charm, which can disrupt enemies and set up kills.

Best Guide for Ahri in 2023

If you want to master Ahri in 2023 and climb the ranks with confidence, check out this comprehensive guide for the enchanting mid-laner: This guide provides invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to help you become a formidable Ahri player.

Top Ahri Skins

Ahri’s skins offer a glimpse into her diverse aesthetics, each with its own unique charm. Here’s a ranking, from least to most favorite:

  • Dynasty Ahri: Although it’s thematic, it doesn’t offer significant changes, and pricing might be a concern.
  • Midnight Ahri: Minimal changes make this skin less appealing.
  • Academy Ahri: It has a unique character model but inconsistent animations.
  • Challenger Ahri: Decent but lacks a standout factor.
  • Foxfire Ahri: Impresses with its fiery design and particles.
  • Popstar Ahri: Iconic but slightly lacks detail compared to newer music-themed skins.
  • Star Guardian Ahri: A legendary skin with new abilities but some clunky elements.
  • K/DA Ahri: Cool character model and particles, but overshadowed by K/DA ALL OUT Ahri.
  • Arcana Ahri: Commended for its mystical aesthetic.
  • Arcade Ahri: Stands out with unique character colors and nostalgic arcade effects.
  • Coven Ahri: Earns praise for its evil sorceress vibe.
  • Elderwood Ahri: Perfects the forest guardian theme.
  • Spirit Blossom Ahri: A legendary skin hailed as the best, resembling a Ghibli film character with stunning visuals, smooth animations, and transformative features.

So there you have it, fellow summoners, a deep dive into the enchanting world of Ahri, the fox-like mage-assassin. Whether you’re a seasoned Ahri main or just discovering her charm, may your games be filled with dazzling plays and unforgettable moments on the Rift.


Who is Ahri in League of Legends?

Ahri is a mage-assassin champion in League of Legends, resembling a fox-like vastaya. She possesses unique abilities allowing her to manipulate emotions, consume essences, and control the battlefield.

What are Ahri’s standout abilities?

Ahri’s abilities include Essence Theft (passive healing), Orb of Deception (damage skillshot), Fox-Fire (homing projectiles), Charm (a charm that damages and stops enemies), and Spirit Rush (ultimate dash and damage ability).

What are the best items for Ahri in 2023?

In 2023, top items for Ahri include Everfrost (versatile Mythic), Liandry’s Anguish (for tanky foes), and Luden’s Tempest (against squishy opponents). Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff are crucial for AP and magic penetration, while Lich Bane and Cosmic Drive offer additional benefits.

Which lanes does Ahri excel in?

Ahri is most effective in the middle lane due to her versatility and roaming potential. She can impact other lanes, secure objectives, and dominate in 1v1 matchups. She is considered one of the most stable mid lane champions.

What are the top Ahri skins in League of Legends?

The top Ahri skins, ranked from least to most favorite, include Dynasty Ahri, Midnight Ahri, Academy Ahri, Challenger Ahri, Foxfire Ahri, Popstar Ahri, Star Guardian Ahri, K/DA Ahri, Arcana Ahri, Arcade Ahri, Coven Ahri, Elderwood Ahri, and Spirit Blossom Ahri (considered the best with stunning visuals and transformative features).