Anivia is an altruistic winged soul who perseveres through vast patterns of life, demise, and resurrection to safeguard the Freljord. Diving being brought into the world of unforgiving ice and harsh breezes, she employs those essential powers to foil any who try to upset her country. Anivia directs and safeguards the clans of the unforgiving north, who respect her as an image of trust, and a sign of extraordinary change. She battles with each ounce of her being, knowing that through her penance, her memory will suffer, and she will be reawakened into another tomorrow.

Cryophoenix is a battlemage class that assumes a fundamental part in hostile assaults. Annivia being a winged soul, is one of the battlemage that you can play in League of Legends. It can torch every one of the adversaries involving strength and power as a diving being.

Anivia is the old defender of the place that is known for Freljord. Freljord is an unforgiving area with intrepid fighters and a solid feeling of culture.

The Cryophoenix, an otherworldly portrayal of ice wizardry. She can be the coldest winter, where she can get down on the snow and solid breezes to safeguard her home or anybody who will hurt it. Anivia is a kind soul that unceasingly will undoubtedly secure and keep Freljord past life, resurrection, and passing. She was bound to safeguard everything in Freljord – it is her motivation, reason, and the best way to really exist.



Anivia is a strong mage champion that builds the triumphant pace of each group that has her.

Anivia is a fantastic hero with great group control. She furnishes a defensive laning stage with crazy push potential. It additionally accompanies a free Guardian Angel in her unit that assists her with enduring burst harm.

A winged soul that persevered through the timeless pattern of life, passing, and revival. She utilizes her essential powers to safeguard her country. She is an image of trust and conveyance of progress. Anivia penances her own being, and with steadiness, she will again be renewed to satisfy her obligation.

On the off chance that Anivia takes crystallization on the off chance that, the fight is working out positively. It is a utility spell that cuts off the critical heroes or makes a backup course of action for escape. When she takes colossal harm during the battle, Anivia can return as an egg that permits her to be renewed and recuperating her wellbeing. So assuming you are searching for an amazing expansion to your arrangement of champions, Anivia can help you with that. With appropriate dominance of the capacities, procedures, and combos, you will be relentless.



  • REBIRTH- After taking lethal harm, Anivia returns to an egg and is reawakened with full wellbeing.
  • FLASH FROST- Anivia unites her wings and requests a circle of ice that flies towards her adversaries, chilling and harming anybody in its way. At the point when the circle detonates it causes moderate harm in a range, staggering anybody nearby.
  • CRYSTALLIZE- Anivia gathers the dampness in the air into a closed mass of ice to impede all development. The divider just keeps going a brief span before it liquefies.
  • FROSTBITE- With a fold of her wings, Anivia impacts a freezing whirlwind at her objective, managing harm. In the event that the objective was as of late hit by Flash Frost or harmed by a full-grown Glacial Storm, the harm they take is multiplied.
  • GLACIAL STORM- Anivia gathers driving precipitation of ice and hail to harm her foes and slow their development.



  • Gregor says he ‘recalls Anivia’s penance’, which could mean she kicked the bucket during the Iceborn uprising in the Howling Abyss.
  • Ashe has the most unfathomable association with Anivia out of all the Freljordian diving beings due to her upsides of harmony and unification.
  • Anivia was among the principal Frejlordian diving being spirits. Her kin incorporates Ornn, Volibear, and various others, for example, the “Seal Sister” and the “Iron Boar”.
  • In some Freljordian stories, Anivia is portrayed as the one generally liable for the annihilation of’s Ornn’s unique home.
  • She is an otherworldly manual for the Notai clan from which Nunu hails.



  • It is an ancient substance, being something like 10000 years of age and conceivably a lot more seasoned than that.
  • It is a soul god. “Soul divine beings” are more similar to signs of social thoughts, given monstrous power by the conviction of their adherents and can fluctuate, depending – or vanish for a significant length of time.
  • Genuine Ice’s starting point and power might be followed back to Anivia, as Sylas can acquire ice power like hers from his contact with True Ice in The Shackles of Belief.

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