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Annie Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of League of Legends to talk about everyone’s favorite pyromaniac, Annie. This champion, released on February 21, 2009, falls into the Burst Mage class and typically rules the Middle lane. But what makes Annie so special, you ask? Well, hold on to your seats because we’re about to uncover the fiery lore, explosive abilities, and everything else you need to know about this iconic champion.


Annie Annie is not your average kid. This pint-sized mage packs a wallop with her pyrokinetic prowess. She hails from the shadowy mountains north of Noxus, where her innate connection to fire manifested in fiery tantrums during her childhood. But she eventually tamed these flames, with her favorite trick being the summoning of her trusty sidekick, Tibbers Tibbers, a fiery beast with a penchant for destruction. Picture this: a child wandering through dark forests, innocent on the surface but harboring an unsettling sense of humor. Annie is more complex than meets the eye.

Annie’s bond with Tibbers goes beyond friendship; it’s a fierce protectiveness. She won’t hesitate to unleash Tibbers’s fiery wrath on anyone who dares to harm her or snatch her cherished companion. Underneath her seemingly childlike exterior lies an indomitable will that even caught the attention of Tybaulk, the demon residing within Tibbers, leading to an unlikely alliance. Annie’s lore is a tale of innocence mixed with an explosive twist.

Champion Abilities

Annie’s kit is as fiery as her personality:

  • Passive – Pyromania: After casting four spells, Annie’s next offensive spell will stun her target. This stun is a game-changer, making Annie a formidable presence in team fights.
  • Q – Disintegrate: Annie hurls a mana-infused fireball that deals damage and refunds the mana cost if it eliminates the target. Talk about resourceful!
  • W – Incinerate: Annie lets loose a blazing cone of fire, scorching all enemies within its reach. It’s the perfect crowd-control ability.
  • E – Molten Shield: Annie grants herself or an ally a shield, a burst of move speed, and damages any enemies daring enough to strike her. Safety first!
  • R – Summon: Tibbers: Annie conjures her fiery teddy bear Tibbers to life, dealing area damage. Tibbers isn’t just a cute plushie; he’s a beast in combat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of playing Annie. Here’s my take on her strengths and weaknesses:


  • Annie excels in team fights, especially thanks to her massive AOE ultimate, Summon: Tibbers. Stun multiple foes with her passive, and you’ll be the star of any clash.
  • She’s a fantastic champion for newcomers looking to learn the basics of the mid-lane. Her straightforward abilities make her an ideal starting point for budding League of Legends players.
  • Annie shines when bursting down squishy, low-health enemy champions. Once she amasses a few kills, her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers, becomes downright terrifying. Seek out those vulnerable targets for easy eliminations.


  • Without her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers, her burst damage takes a nosedive. Be mindful of foes who can play around this cooldown; they can set you back significantly.
  • Annie struggles against long-ranged poke champions due to her limited spell range. She’s also less effective if she can’t secure an early-game advantage.
  • Mobility is a sore spot for Annie. She lacks reliable escape options, so overextending without her Molten Shield to protect her is risky business.

Best Items for Annie

Alright, let’s talk gear for our fiery mage. Annie has a few options when it comes to item builds, and it’s all about your preferred playstyle:

  •  Rocketbelt: This item is fantastic for engaging and can be effective against AD assassins. Just watch out for your mana pool since it can drain quickly without a Lost Chapter item. Pushing waves might become a chore, but creating a slow push on the side lanes and grouping for objectives can be your go-to strategy.
  •  Liandry’s: If you’re up against tanky opponents, this is your go-to. It scales well and turns you into a DPS champ with sudden bursts at the start of fights. Consider grabbing Rylai’s or Demonic Embrace as your second item, depending on your playstyle.
  •  Luden’s: Looking for crazy burst damage? Luden’s is your ticket to one-shotting enemies and zooming away with the movement speed bonus. It’s great for lower ELO play and offers good stats.
  •  Shadowflame: This item provides a massive second-item power spike. Annie becomes a force to be reckoned with, making her one of the strongest two-item powerspikers in the game.

Best Lanes and Roles for Annie

Now that you’ve got the gear sorted, let’s figure out where Annie shines brightest:

  • Annie is primarily a mid-lane mage. Her laning phase is top-notch, allowing her to play passively while last-hitting minions with Disintegrate. Keep a close eye on your Pyromania stacks; they’re your ticket to big plays.
  • But wait, there’s more! Annie isn’t limited to the mid-lane alone. She can also flex into the support role. While your builds might differ, her playstyle remains similar. Playing safe and scaling into the early-mid game is your game plan here, especially until you reach your first-item power spike.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Alright, it’s time to dive into some strategies for picking and countering with Annie. Here’s a sneak peek:

Annie thrives in lane against Corki and Corki. If you’re looking for a favorable matchup, these champions are a safe bet. However, be wary of Neeko and Ekko; they’re Annie’s worst nightmares. Steer clear of them if you want to have a good time.

Price of this Champion in 2023

Wondering how much it’ll cost you to unlock Annie in 2023? Well, you’re in luck. She’s available for a cool 450 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points. So, whether you’re saving up your hard-earned Blue Essence or planning to drop some RP, Annie won’t break the bank.

My Feedback

Alright, it’s time to dish out some personal thoughts about our fiery friend, Annie. Here’s what’s on my mind:

  • Annie’s demon, Tybaulk, seems to represent more than just fear. I’d go as far as to say he embodies emotions like rage and fury. Comparing him to other champions’ demons, like Evelynn (lust/agony) and Tahm Kench (greed/gluttony), adds a fascinating layer to her character.
  • Speaking of character, Annie’s design has me in two minds. Her iconic appearance makes it tricky for Riot Games to give her a makeover. However, a slight age-up or an Aesthetic and Storytelling Update (ASU) might make her design align better with her lore.
  • I can’t help but appreciate Annie’s unique personality as a child wielding pyrokinetic powers. It’s a delightful contrast, and I can’t help but draw parallels to characters like Pyro from TF2 when it comes to personality quirks.
  • For beginners, Annie is a godsend. Her abilities are effective, and there’s something immensely satisfying about her updated E ability, which lets her shield allies. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and impact.

Best Guide for Annie in 2023

Before we wrap things up, let me share a valuable resource for those looking to master Annie in 2023. Check out this amazing guide. It’s packed with insights, tips, and strategies to help you harness the fiery potential of our favorite pyromaniac. With this guide by your side, you’ll be making Tibbers proud in no time.

Best Skins for This Annie

Now, let’s talk fashion, because every champion needs to look good while slinging spells on the Rift. Annie boasts a wide array of skins, each with its unique charm. Here are some of the best picks:

  • FrankenTibbers Annie: This skin cleverly blends a spooky theme with green-themed abilities. It’s the perfect choice for those who love a touch of the macabre.
  • Frostfire Annie: Embrace the winter with this chilly twist on Annie. While some might find it lacking in originality, the frosty theme adds a unique flavor to her fiery kit.
  • Reverse Annie: Get ready for some laughs with this skin that swaps the costumes of Annie and Tibbers. It’s a hilarious take on our fiery duo that’s bound to tickle your funny bone.
  • Lunar Beast Annie: Take a journey to the East with this skin, featuring an Eastern MMORPG-inspired look and eye-catching ability animations. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re seeking an exotic flair.
  • Annie-Versary: Celebrate Riot’s 10th anniversary with this festive skin. Enjoy unique animations and even summon Teemo with your ult. It’s a party on the Rift!
  • Super Galaxy Annie: Go futuristic with this high-tech skin. Its flashy animations and a mech-like Tibbers will make you feel like a sci-fi hero on the battlefield.
  • Café Cuties Annie: If attention to detail and polished animations are your thing, this skin stands out. Just keep in mind that some sound effects might not quite match the base.

But when it comes to iconic skins that have stood the test of time, Panda Annie reigns supreme. It’s the embodiment of enduring charm, featuring a lovable character model and a heartwarming recall animation where Annie hugs Tibbers. So, whether you’re into spookiness, winter vibes, or futuristic flair, Annie’s got a skin to suit your style.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Let’s wrap things up with some cool tricks and intriguing facts about Annie:

  • Did you know that Annie was one of the first six champions ever designed for League of Legends? She shares this honor with Lee Sin, Singed, Sion, Sivir, and Twisted Fate.
  • Annie boasts an impressive skin collection. In fact, she was the first champion to have 12 skins, including her Classic skin. Talk about a fashionista!
  • Annie also holds the distinction of being the second champion to have her ability icons remade with a Visual Update, following in the footsteps of Katarina.
  • Here’s a fun fact: Annie’s ultimate ability, Summon: Tibbers, currently boasts the highest AP ratio in the game. With a whopping 515% AP ratio, it’s no wonder Tibbers packs a punch.
  • Annie was the first fire-themed champion to grace the League of Legends roster, setting the stage for fiery champions like Brand to follow.
  • When playing Annie, look for trades around your stun. Pre-level 6, use your stun on Disintegrate (Q) to guarantee the hit. Annie excels at starting team fights, so consider flanking your enemies for maximum impact.
  • If you’re not able to secure kills, make use of Tibbers (R) to roam and impact side lanes. Push the mid lane, and then venture out to help your teammates in other lanes. A well-timed Tibbers can turn the tide of a battle.

There you have it, fellow summoners! Annie, the fiery mage with a penchant for teddy bears, is a fascinating champion with a rich history and an arsenal of abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned Annie main or just getting started, there’s always something new to discover about this iconic champion on the Rift. So, go out there, stun your enemies, and let Tibbers do the talking as you set the battlefield ablaze! Happy gaming!


Who is Annie in League of Legends, and what makes her special?

Annie is a pyrokinetic Burst Mage champion known for her fiery abilities and her companion, Tibbers. She stands out with her stun mechanic, which is triggered after casting four spells, making her a formidable presence in team fights.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of playing Annie?

Annie excels in team fights, has straightforward abilities, and is great for beginners. However, she relies heavily on her ultimate, struggles against long-ranged champions, and lacks mobility.

What are the recommended items for Annie in 2023?

For Annie, items like Rocketbelt, Liandry’s, Luden’s, and Shadowflame are popular choices, depending on your playstyle and the game’s circumstances.

Where does Annie excel in terms of lanes and roles?

Annie is primarily played as a mid-lane mage but can also be effective in the support role. Her laning phase is strong, making her versatile in these roles.

What are some interesting facts and tips about playing Annie in League of Legends?

Annie was one of the first six champions designed for the game, has an extensive skin collection, and her ultimate ability, Summon: Tibbers, has the highest AP ratio. Players should focus on trading around her stun and utilize Tibbers to roam and impact side lanes.