Risky, yet disarmingly gifted, Annie is a young mage with tremendous pyrokinetic power. Indeed, even in the shadows of the mountains north of Noxus, she is an enchanted anomaly. Her regular partiality for fire showed from the get-go in life through flighty, enthusiastic explosions, however, she ultimately figured out how to control these stunts. Her most loved incorporates the calling of her dearest teddy bear, Tibbers, as a blazing monster hellbent on annihilation. Lost in the never-ending honesty of youth, Annie meanders the dull woods, continuously searching for somebody to play with.

Annie League of Legends can be assumed in two essential parts, as a midlaner, or a help. While the forms between the two paths will contrast, her playstyle in both is comparable. Annie should mean to avoid any unnecessary risk until at minimum level six, scaling into the early-mid game for her first thing power spike. Her playstyle is likened to a deceiver, sticking around for her opportunity prior to having the option to unexpectedly one combo adversaries.



  • PYROMANIA- In the wake of projecting 4 spells, Annie’s next hostile spell will shock the objective.
  • DISINTEGRATE- She throws a Mana imbued fireball, managing harm and discounting the Mana cost on the off chance that it annihilates the objective.
  • INCINERATE- She projects a blasting cone of fire, managing harm to all foes nearby.
  • MOLTEN SHIELD- Awards Annie or a partner- a safeguard, an explosion of Move Speed, and harms foes who assault her with fundamental assaults.
  • SUMMON: TIBBERS- Annie wills her bear Tibbers to life, managing harm to units nearby. Tibbers can assault and furthermore consumes foes that stand close to him.



  • In Annie’s old legend: she is the little girl of Gregori Hastur the Gray Warlock and Amoline the Shadow Witch
  • In Annie’s present legend: Gregori’s appellation is abbreviated to “the Gray” and Amoline’s to “a witch”.
  • Tibbers was hand-created by Annie’s mom, with the legendary Shadow Bears as a format, and is the main keepsake she has of her. She involves it as a concentration for her pyromancy to rejuvenate Tibbers instead of the past legend when he was only a Shadow Bear whom Annie herself enchanted.
  • Annie’s stepmother is named Leeana and her stepsister is named Daisy very much like the Sentinel Ivern summons. It is obscure in the event that these two are connected or not.



  • Tibbers’ lost his button eye in the occurrence where Annie lost her progression sister, Daisy.
  • While diverted by pursuing a fairie, Daisy fell in a surging stream regardless of Annie attempting to caution her. Annie endeavored to save her yet Daisy was cleared away in the current.
  • Almost certainly, Amoline suffocated in the waterway she attempted to draw water from, because of unfortunate perceivability in the evening. It is expressed that there is just a single waterway close to their home and taking into account that Annie and Daisy could never have been permitted to wander a long way from their home, it is in all probability the very stream that Daisy suffocated in.
  • Her present appearance was because of an obscure embraced family that lived around the Ironspike Mountain areas of Noxus.
  • She is presently 8 years of age.
  • The age of the person was referenced in her FrankenTibbers Annie FrankenTibbers Annie which actually shares a similar visual personage as her exemplary skin.
  • It is inferred that Annie’s pyrokinetic wizardry inactively safeguards her from the cold of winter, being completely fine in a short-sleeved dress. Assuming she needed to effectively utilize her noticeable blazes to keep warm, almost certainly, a “bully” ate up by Tibbers that had halted Annie out and about would have tried not to threaten her in any case.
  • ANNIE: Origins portrays Annie with earthy colored hair, yet Trouble expresses that she has “radiant red” hair.


While Annie in League of Legends is viewed as a simple hero to play, there are a couple of tips and deceives that will assist you with dominating how to play annie in LoL and ascend the positioned stepping stool. Realizing when to draw in with Annie is vital to moving as she is regularly simply ready to burst foes more than once in battles.

Annie in League of Legends is an incredible decision for novices and veterans the same. She is a high-exploded, single objective DPS champion with an unbelievably enormous paralyze that can assist take out with lowing wellbeing adversaries from far off.

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