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Kayle Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to talk about one of the coolest champions out there, Kayle. Released on February 21, 2009, Kayle is a Specialist who typically dominates the top lane. So, why do I want to review this champion? Well, it’s because Kayle is nothing short of epic. Her late-game potential is off the charts, and her scaling makes her a force to be reckoned with. So, let’s break down what makes Kayle a true legend on the Rift.


Born to a Targonian Aspect during the Rune Wars, Kayle, alongside her twin sister Morgana, was Demacia’s protector. However, Kayle’s unwavering pursuit of justice led her to abandon the mortal realm. She’s all about punishing the unjust with her fiery swords, no second chances. Morgana, on the other hand, believes in redemption, making them quite the opposite of each other. Kayle is a symbol of unyielding justice, and her unforgiving nature is both her strength and weakness.

Champion Abilities

  • Passive – Divine Ascent: As Kayle levels up, her attacks get blessed by the heavens, granting her increased Attack Speed, Move Speed, Attack Range, and adding waves of fire to her attacks.
  • Q – Radiant Blast: Kayle summons a celestial sword that pierces enemies, slowing and damaging them while reducing their resistances.
  • W – Celestial Blessing: This ability not only heals Kayle but also grants her and a nearby ally Move Speed.
  • E – Starfire Spellblade: Passively, Kayle’s celestial sword deals bonus magic damage to her attacks. Actively, her next attack smites the target with celestial fire, dealing bonus damage based on their missing health.
  • R – Divine Judgment: Kayle makes an ally invulnerable and purifies the area around them with a holy rain of swords.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kayle


  • Incredible carry potential
  • Amazing AoE damage
  • Great teamfighting skills
  • Excellent dueling capabilities
  • Strong split-pushing potential
  • Outstanding healing abilities


  • Somewhat squishy
  • Vulnerable to hard crowd control
  • Lacks proper engagement tools
  • Struggles without peel from teammates
  • Highly item-dependent
  • Ineffective if the game ends too quickly

Best Items for Kayle

Now, let’s talk about the gear that truly makes Kayle shine:

 Doran’s Blade: An excellent starting item with Attack Damage and health, offering sustain with omnivamp.

 Doran’s Shield: Perfect for tough matchups, providing health regeneration and increased survivability.

 Corrupting Potion: Ideal for trading, granting health and mana restoration along with bonus damage on auto attacks.

 Kraken Slayer: A key component with great attack speed and true damage, fitting Kayle like a glove.

 Berserker’s Greaves: Optimal boots choice, enhancing attack speed and synergizing well with Kayle’s build.

 Ravenous Hydra: The heart of this build, providing outstanding AoE damage, wave clear, and exceptional omnivamp for incredible sustain.

Best Lanes and Roles for Kayle

Kayle excels in the top lane, as this position doesn’t heavily impact the game until mid-game. By then, Kayle is already a formidable champion, ready to dominate.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Kayle shines against champions like Rengar and Olaf in the top lane. However, she struggles against Nasus and Rumble, so steer clear of them if possible.

Price of this Champion in 2023

In 2023, you can unlock Kayle for 4800 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points.

My Feedback

Playing as Kayle is an exhilarating journey from a fragile early-game champion to an unstoppable late-game powerhouse. Her ultimate ability, Divine Judgment, is a game-changer and offers a safety net when your team falls behind. Her versatility in build options and positions, from mid to top lane, adds to her charm. Whether you’re drawn to her theme of justice or compare her to Leona, Kayle offers a thrilling gaming experience.

Best Guide for Kayle in 2023

For those who want to master Kayle, I’ve got a fantastic guide to share with you. Check out this comprehensive guide:Complete Kayle Guide. It’s packed with tips and strategies to help you become a true Kayle aficionado.

Best Skins for Kayle

Now, let’s talk about making your Kayle look even more legendary with some awesome skins:

  • Dragonslayer Kayle (2021): This skin rocks a dragon-themed design with intricate wings, horns, and fiery effects, plus new animations and sound cues.
  • Sun-Eater Kayle (2022): Sporting an impressive splash art, this skin offers a darker take on Kayle’s original design, complete with impactful abilities. However, it falls slightly short of legendary status with limited voice lines and a level 16 transformation.
  • Aether Wing Kayle (2013): Embrace a futuristic angel and dragon overlord vibe, with flawless wing design and unique transformation animations. Just keep in mind it’s a bit on the expensive side.
  • PsyOps Kayle (2020): If you dig a futuristic look with neon-style wings and a cool mask, this skin has got you covered. Although some say the head design might feel slightly off from a distance.
  • Judgment Kayle (2011): A rare skin that’s almost completely black with raven wings and a set of spiked armor. It can be a bit challenging to obtain.
  • Battleborn Kayle (2011): This one draws inspiration from Skyrim and Vikings, giving Kayle a feral and grizzled warrior look, along with unique wings.
  • Pentakill Kayle (2017): Perfect for heavy metal fans, this skin gives Kayle an evolving rockstar appearance with fitting sound cues and a gradual transformation.
  • Iron Inquisitor Kayle (2016): With its dark and edgy design, this skin boasts raven-black wings and a mysterious mask, all while keeping your budget in check.
  • Silver Kayle (2009): A rare and cool skin with a warrior helmet and angelic transformation. However, its theme might not be entirely clear, and it can be tough to obtain.
  • Transcended Kayle (2010): This simple character model redesign feels smooth to play, and you can actually see Kayle’s face!
  • Viridian Kayle (2010): A straightforward and affordable skin that offers a high-fantasy appearance with green and gold armor, elf ears, and unique wings.
  • Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle (2021): While it’s a new Pentakill skin, some players feel it doesn’t capture the rockstar vibe as effectively as the original Pentakill skin.
  • Riot Kayle (2014): This skin ranks lower due to its somewhat wonky appearance, a somewhat bland design after level 11, and a police theme that could be more pronounced.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

  • Kayle’s basic attacks have the second highest projectile speed in the game, blazing at 5000, right after Aphelios’ Severum gun.
  • Her early game is weak, so prioritize reaching level 6 for her game-changing ultimate, Divine Judgment.
  • Be cautious when your ultimate is on cooldown, as Kayle is vulnerable without it.
  • In the early game, keep the minion wave closer to your side to stay safe and minimize the risk of falling behind.

So, there you have it, a complete guide to the incredible champion Kayle in 2023. From her lore and abilities to item builds, roles, and skins, we’ve got you covered. Now, get out there and show the world what it means to be a Kayle main!


Who is Kayle, and what is her role in League of Legends?

Kayle is a powerful champion known for her late-game potential. She typically dominates the top lane and excels in carrying, teamfighting, and dueling.

What are Kayle’s key abilities, and how does she play in the early game?

Kayle’s abilities include Divine Ascent (passive), Radiant Blast (Q), Celestial Blessing (W), Starfire Spellblade (E), and Divine Judgment (R). Her early game is weak, but she becomes stronger with levels, especially at level 6 when she gains her ultimate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Kayle?

Pros include incredible carry potential, great teamfighting, and strong dueling. Cons involve her squishiness, vulnerability to crowd control, and reliance on items for power.

What are the recommended items and lanes for Kayle in 2023?

Recommended items for Kayle include Doran’s Blade, Kraken Slayer, and Ravenous Hydra. She excels in the top lane, where she can reach her late-game power spike.

What are the best skins for Kayle and interesting facts about her?

Some standout Kayle skins are Dragonslayer Kayle, Sun-Eater Kayle, and Aether Wing Kayle. Interesting facts include her fast projectile speed and the importance of managing her ultimate cooldown in the early game.