Pervaded with the fire of the sun, Leona is a fighter knight of the Solari who safeguards Mount Targon with her Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak. Her skin gleams with Starfire while her eyes ignite with the force of the heavenly Aspect inside her. Defensively covered in gold and bearing a horrible weight of antiquated information, Leona carries illumination to some, passing to other people.

The help job in League of Legends is tied in with ensuring everything chugs along as expected for your group, working with vision control, and safeguarding the ADC. One of the most amazing help champions in the game is Leona.

Leona, the Radiant Dawn, is a blessed hero from Solari instilled with the bursts of the sun. She safeguards Mount Targon involving her Zenith Blade and Shield for Daybreak. Clad in gold covering and breaking the weight of old information, Leona will carry edification to some and passing to other people.



One of the Rakkor clans staying in Mount Targon experiences the Solari, admirers of the sun. Kids are brought up to respect and, surprisingly, shed blood for it, and among them is Leona. Leona took the Solari confidence normally, tracking down comfort inside its design. With her noteworthy abilities and devotion to the Solari, many accepted she would turn into a fine Ra’Horak one day, and that implies heavenly heroes.

As years went by, Leona in the end turned into a blessed hero, and during one of her endeavors with her old buddy Diana, Leona got brilliant brilliance from the sky, wrapping her. As she figured out how to control her new power, Leona was always different and pervaded by the Sun’s Aspect. Presently, to respect her recently given powers, She devotes herself to safeguarding Solari in the times to come.



SUNLIGHT – Harming spells distress adversaries with Sunlight for 1.5 seconds. Whenever unified Champions bargain harm to those objectives, they consume the Sunlight to bargain extra wizardry harm.

SHIELD OF DAYBREAK – Leona utilizes her safeguard to play out her next essential assault, managing reward enchantment harm and dazzling the objective. Safeguard of Daybreak allows Leona to enlighten her “safeguard,” permitting her next fundamental assault in something like 6 seconds to make some cast memories of 0.25 seconds, gain 50 reward range, stagger the objective briefly, and incur extra wizardry harm. Remember that Shield of Daybreak can reset Leona’s essential assault clock.

ECLIPSE – Leona raises her to safeguard to acquire Damage Reduction, Armor, and Magic Resist. Whenever the span first finishes, assuming there are close adversaries, she will bargain enchantment harm to them and drag out the term of the impact. When actuated, Leaona will emanate a sun oriented obscure around herself for 3 seconds, get reward defensive layer and sorcery opposition, and lessen pre-alleviation harm. Every one of these are appropriate for all occurrences of harm. Leona’s Eclipse will then explode after the set time frame, incurring wizardry harm to all encompassing foes, conceding her harm decrease and reward opposition for an additional a 3 seconds on the off chance that she hits an adversary unit.

ZENITH BLADE – Leona projects a sun based picture of her blade, managing enchantment harm to all foes in a line. At the point when the picture blurs, the last foe champion struck will be momentarily immobilized and Leona will run to them.

SOLAR FLARE – She calls down a light emission energy, managing harm to foes in a space. Adversaries in the focal point of the area are shocked, while foes outwardly are eased back. While projecting Solar Flare, Leona will call down a light emission energy, striking upon the objective area after 0.6 seconds. When essentially, it’ll concede sight of the area for 3 seconds. Adversary units inside the objective area will get reward wizardry harm upon sway. Foes struck will be dialed back by 80% for 1.5 seconds and get dazed for a similar period whenever hit by the focal point.



  • In spite of their conflicts, Diana and Leona were dear companions and darlings experiencing childhood with Mount Targon, yet have since became foes subsequent to becoming Aspects. The two communicated heartfelt interest during the Festival of the Nightless Eve.
  • Leona saw the second Diana was permeated with the moon’s power, she raced to help prior to being instilled with the sun’s power herself and made an Aspect.
  • Atreus climbed Mount Targon to observe the force of Aspects when Leona would not obliterate the intruders that went after his watch. After he crushed Aatrox and turned into the new Aspect of War, he goes against her and other Targonian Aspects.
    • Leona wouldn’t move against the Barbarians since she realized Aatrox was butchering them, which Atreus would just see later on.


  • Leona has been affirmed to be essential for the LGBTQIA+ people group.

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