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Nautilus Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, I’ve got a special treat for you – a deep dive into the world of Nautilus, the armored titan of the League of Legends. Nautilus first surfaced in the gaming world on February 14, 2012, making him one of the OG champions. He falls under the category of “Vanguard” and primarily serves as a support. So, why am I reviewing Nautilus? Well, that’s easy. He’s simply cool, and this sea-bound champion boasts incredible early-game power that transitions seamlessly into the late game. With his crowd control prowess and strong zoning abilities, he’s a must-try champ for anyone looking to make a splash on the rift.


Nautilus’s story is as old as the first planks laid down in Bilgewater. He’s a hulking figure who roams the murky depths off the Blue Flame Isles. Motivated by a long-forgotten betrayal, he strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare cross his path. Armed with a colossal anchor, he rescues the downtrodden and drags the greedy to their doom. Rumor has it that those who forget to pay the “Bilgewater tithe” end up as his unfortunate victims, a grim reminder that none can escape the deep abyss.

Champion Abilities

Now, let’s delve into the abilities that make Nautilus a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • Passive – Staggering Blow: Nautilus’s first attack on a target deals extra physical damage and briefly roots them.
  • Q – Dredge Line: He hurls his anchor, which, when it connects with an enemy, pulls them and Nautilus together while dealing magic damage. If it hits terrain, it pulls Nautilus towards it.
  • W – Titan’s Wrath: Nautilus gains a temporary shield that also deals damage over time to his target and nearby enemies.
  • E – Riptide: This ability creates three explosive waves around Nautilus, damaging and slowing enemies.
  • R – Depth Charge: Nautilus fires a shockwave that chases an opponent, knocking enemies into the air and stunning them when it reaches its target.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion

Let’s chat about the pros and cons of playing Nautilus:


  • Great self-peel.
  • Excellent roaming support.
  • Stellar team fight potential.
  • Strong access to the enemy’s backline.
  • Offers robust crowd control options.
  • High damage output for a tank.


  • Limited disengagement potential.
  • Vulnerable to constant harass.
  • Mana-hungry.
  • Easily telegraphed ability animations.
  • Highly team-dependent.
  • Slow to disengage from fights.

Best Items for Champion

Now, here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty. The right items can make or break a champion’s performance. So, for Nautilus, here are some of the best picks:

 Zeke’s Convergence: This item is a stellar choice for Nautilus, offering armor, magic resist, ability haste, and bonus mana. Plus, when you immobilize an enemy, a missile is fired, dealing bonus magic damage.

 Redemption: It provides an AoE heal for your allies and offers HP and mana regen. The extra shielding power pairs well with your Titan’s Wrath.

 Locket of the Iron Solari: This item not only increases your tankiness but also provides a shield to your allies upon use and boosts their armor and magic resist.

 Knight’s Vow: With this item, you get extra HP, armor, and ability haste. It’s a core choice against physical damage-heavy teams.

 Thornmail: Offering armor, HP, and grievous wounds on hit, it’s perfect for countering heavy AD teams with healing.

Best Lanes and Roles for Champion

Now, let’s talk about where Nautilus thrives. He used to be a versatile champion, finding success in the top lane, mid lane, and as a support. However, he’s been fine-tuned to shine best as a support. He brings immense crowd control and protection to the bottom lane, making him a solid choice for all you support players out there.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

In the world of League, matchups matter. Nautilus is a lane bully, and he excels against champions like Yuumi and Karma. He can shut down their attempts to harass and control the lane. However, beware of Taric and Renata Glasc; they are Nautilus’s worst nightmare, and going head-to-head with them might not end well.

Price of this Champion in 2023

If you’re eyeing Nautilus in 2023, you’ll be looking at a price of 4800 Blue Essence (BE) or 880 Riot Points (RP). Not too shabby for an oceanic behemoth like him.

My Feedback

Why choose Nautilus, you ask? Well, here’s my two cents:

  • He’s a straightforward champion to pick up and can be a lot of fun to play.
  • He’s the go-to guy for heavy crowd control engages, setting up those big plays for your carries, and he’s an absolute tank when it comes to absorbing damage, making objectives like dragons and Baron Nashor much easier to secure.
  • Nautilus has an incredible playmaking potential while still being an effective frontline asset.

Best Guide for Nautilus in 2023

For all of you eager to master Nautilus in 2023, I’ve got just the guide for you. Check out this link:Nautilus Build Guide.

Best Skins for this Champion

Now, let’s talk fashion for our favorite armored legend. Here’s a rundown of the best skins for Nautilus:

  • Subterranean Nautilus: This skin has an interesting concept of an underground explorer, but its appearance appears clunky, lacking a sleek design. While it introduces some new animations and particles, they are not particularly impressive, and the splash art doesn’t convey the concept well.
  • Conqueror Nautilus: While the anchor design is notable, the armor and facial design could be improved. Some animations, like E and ult, are well-executed, but the red crystals spawned by his passive seem out of place. The skin might not appeal to everyone.
  • Worldbreaker Nautilus: This skin fits well into the Worldbreaker theme, giving the impression of an ancient power awakened from slumber. The anchor concept is brilliant, but the champion’s appearance lacks detail. It doesn’t offer new particles or effects, which might be a drawback for some players.
  • Warden Nautilus: This skin provides a sturdy character model with impressive armor and a weighty anchor. It lacks new animations and particles, but it effectively transforms Nautilus with a simple character model change. The closed visor, however, means you miss the iconic red glowing eyes.
  • Abyssal Nautilus: Often overlooked but impressive, this skin delves into Nautilus’s underwater theme with diving equipment and a badass anchor. All abilities have water-themed animations. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy Nautilus’s lore, offering great value at 975 RP.
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus: As the newest addition to Nautilus’s skin lineup, Shan Hai Scrolls impresses with its polished character model, magma-filled anchor, and impactful ability animations. The skin’s sound effects and chromas add to its appeal, although the red anchor in his Q can be more visible.
  • AstroNautilus: Iconic and enchanting, AstroNautilus stands at the top of the list. It features unique animations and particles, with flying rocks on W and a red R target. Although the character model is relatively simple, the skin’s little details, like the closing visor, bring it to life, making it a fan favorite.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

And finally, here are some fun tidbits about Nautilus:

  • His dance references the ‘Peeparoonie.’
  • Nautilus has the longest basic attack animation in the game, which means you can root enemies with Staggering Blow even when they seem out of range.
  • Interestingly, Nautilus was initially released without the ‘Tank’ tag, though it was added shortly after.
  • When standing idle for a while, Nautilus strikes the Captain Morgan pose.

Before I wrap up, remember to use your Dredge Line wisely. Hold onto it until your enemy makes a mistake or uses their escape ability. Missing it can leave you vulnerable, so be patient.

Also, don’t hesitate to use Dredge Line to catch out-of-position enemies when they’re overextended, especially during tower sieges. Picking someone off can turn the tide in a fight or stop the enemy from taking objectives.

While Nautilus might be slow on his feet, he’s got incredible roaming potential, thanks to his crowd control abilities. So, consider roaming after a recall before heading back to the bottom lane.

So there you have it, gamers, a comprehensive guide to Nautilus, the deep-sea terror of League of Legends. Dive into the rift and make some waves with this hulking support champion. Good luck and happy gaming!


Who is Nautilus in League of Legends?

Nautilus is an armored titan in League of Legends, introduced in 2012. He’s a support champion with strong crowd control and zoning abilities.

What are Nautilus’s key abilities?

Nautilus has a passive ability that roots enemies, a Q that pulls in enemies, a W that provides a shield and deals damage, an E that damages and slows enemies, and an R that knocks up and stuns opponents.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Nautilus?

Pros include great crowd control, strong early game, and high damage for a tank. Cons include limited disengagement potential, vulnerability to harass, and mana dependency.

What are the best items for Nautilus in 2023?

Recommended items include Zeke’s Convergence, Redemption, Locket of the Iron Solari, Knight’s Vow, and Thornmail.

Where does Nautilus excel, and who are his best and worst matchups?

Nautilus is best as a support and excels in the bottom lane. He performs well against champions like Yuumi and Karma but struggles against Taric and Renata Glasc.