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Bard Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of League of Legends to unravel the enigmatic character known as Bard. This cosmic wanderer has been captivating our screens since his release on March 12, 2015. Bard falls under the category of Controllers and typically plays the Support role. But what makes Bard truly special is his otherworldly lore, versatile abilities, and the endless possibilities he brings to the Summoner’s Rift. So, whether you’re already a Bard enthusiast or just curious about this champion, join me as we explore his cosmic journey through the League of Legends universe.


In the vast and mysterious universe of Runeterra, Bard Bard is a celestial entity who roams the stars, dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance between creation and the unfeeling void beyond it. He’s an otherworldly being, and many Runeterrans sing songs about his extraordinary nature. Despite his cosmic origins, Bard is not malevolent. He’s often accompanied by a merry group of meeps, making his actions seem more whimsical than wicked.

Unlike other Celestials, Bard doesn’t concern himself with individual lives. He’s more interested in the “bigger picture” and the cosmic balance of Runeterra. He intervenes only when significant events or powers threaten this balance. Bard’s behavior can come off as strange, popping in and out of existence without warning, like a cosmic trickster.

Bard Abilities

Now, let’s dive into the heart of Bard’s gameplay – his abilities:

  • Passive – Traveler’s Call: Bard attracts meeps to assist in his basic attacks, dealing extra magic damage. Collecting Chimes grants experience, restores mana, and provides out-of-combat movement speed.
  • Q – Cosmic Binding: Bard fires a missile that slows the first enemy struck and continues onward. If it hits a wall, it stuns the initial target; if it hits another enemy, it stuns both.
  • W – Caretaker’s Shrine: Reveals a health shrine that heals and speeds up the first ally that touches it.
  • E – Magical Journey: Bard opens a portal in nearby terrain, allowing allies and enemies to take a one-way trip through it.
  • R – Tempered Fate: Bard sends spirit energy, putting champions, minions, monsters, and turrets hit into stasis for a brief time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bard

As a Bard main, I’ve had my fair share of cosmic adventures with this champion. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Super Versatile: Bard can adapt to various playstyles.
  • Effective from Behind or Ahead: His utility can turn the tide of a game.
  • Fast Roamer: Thanks to chimes, Bard is a speedy map presence.
  • Excellent at Setting Up Ganks: His Magical Journey is a gank machine.


  • Skill Matchups: Success heavily depends on your experience.
  • Weak Laning Phase: Bard’s early game is not the strongest.
  • Low Range: Short-ranged for a ranged support.
  • Requires Scaling: Bard shines in mid to late-game scenarios.

Best Items for Bard

Now, let’s gear up our cosmic traveler with the right items:

  • spellthief's-edge  Spellthief’s Edge: Fast stacking and grants AP and mana regen.
  •  Radiant Virtue: Provides ability haste to your whole team.
  •  Abyssal Mask: Great against magic damage threats.
  •  Gargoyle Stoneplate: For endgame survivability.

Best Lanes and Roles for Bard

Bard excels primarily as a bot lane support, showcasing one of the highest potentials for carrying games and making a substantial impact. He possesses remarkable map presence, enabling him to disrupt opponents effectively through a combination of deceleration, immobilization, and the stasis effect from his ultimate ability. Champions like Thresh, Rakan, and, of course, Bard, stand out due to their potent crowd control abilities and distinctive tools that empower them to execute game-altering maneuvers that might otherwise seem unattainable.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

When it comes to choosing Bard, you’ll want to consider your matchups carefully. Bard excels against champions like Ashe and Brand but struggles against foes like Maokai and Vel’Koz.

Price of Bard in 2023

In 2023, Bard’s price stands at 4800 Blue Essence or 880 Riot Points, making him accessible for summoners of all kinds.

My Feedback

As a dedicated Bard player, I can’t help but appreciate the cosmic charm that this champion brings to League of Legends. His enigmatic design, coupled with a gameplay style that mirrors his whimsical character, makes Bard a truly unique addition to the roster.

Bard’s ability to impact games in ways both chaotic and strategic is a testament to the thoughtfulness behind his kit. He’s a champion who embodies the cosmic indifference of the universe, creating moments of pure magic on the Rift.

And remember, Bard is not just a champion; he’s a timeless and memorable character in the League of Legends universe, one who constantly reminds us of the mysteries beyond the stars.

Best Skins for Bard

Now that we’ve delved into Bard’s cosmic lore and his gameplay intricacies, let’s talk about the coolest skins that can elevate your Bard experience:

  • Snow Day Bard: This skin brings a cozy, winter-themed Bard to the battlefield, complete with healing abilities that resemble hot cocoa and adorable penguins. The icy particles add an extra layer of charm to this skin.
  • Astronaut Bard: Bard takes a journey into outer space with this skin. It features galactic animations that perfectly complement his cosmic persona. His E ability even turns him into a UFO, making every game an interstellar adventure.
  • Elderwood Bard: This skin gives Bard a druid-like makeover, trading some of his goofiness for a cooler, more mystical appearance. The character model is stunning, and the unique W animation is a standout feature.
  • Café Cuties Bard: The newest addition to Bard’s skin collection, Café Cuties Bard offers a Disney-esque character model that’s sure to delight. Detailed animations, a soothing W animation involving pouring coffee, and charming flower particles on his Q make this skin a visual treat, despite the coffee cup transformation during his E travel.
  • Bard Bard: While it may not be the flashiest skin, Bard Bard is appreciated by those who love classic aesthetics. This skin transforms Bard into a traditional bard with a suit, feathered hat, and mask, adding an old-world touch to his character.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Before we wrap up this cosmic journey, let’s unveil some tricks and fascinating facts about Bard:

  • Bard is one of only 14 champions whose abilities infinitely stack an effect, with Traveler’s Call stacking the base magic damage of his meeps.
  • He was the first champion to be released in 2015, marking the beginning of a new era in League of Legends.
  • Bard’s abilities, such as Magical Journey and Tunnel, mirror those of the champion Rek’Sai, known as the Wonder Above and the Terror Beneath, respectively.
  • Bard holds the unique distinction of being the first champion capable of disabling both Baron Nashor and Dragon through his ultimate, Tempered Fate.


Who is Bard in League of Legends, and what is his lore?

Bard is a celestial wanderer in League of Legends, dedicated to maintaining the cosmic balance in the universe. He’s known for his enigmatic and whimsical nature, often accompanied by meeps.

What are Bard’s champion abilities and roles?

Bard’s abilities include Traveler’s Call (passive), Cosmic Binding (Q), Caretaker’s Shrine (W), Magical Journey (E), and Tempered Fate (R). He can excel in various roles, including Support, Jungle, Mid Lane, Top Lane, and even ADC.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Bard?

Bard is super versatile, effective from behind or ahead, a fast roamer, and great at setting up ganks. However, he has skill matchups, a weak laning phase, low range, and requires scaling to shine.

What are some recommended items for Bard?

Key items for Bard include Spellthief’s Edge, Radiant Virtue, Abyssal Mask, and Gargoyle Stoneplate to enhance his support capabilities and survivability.

What are the best Bard skins and interesting facts about him?

Notable Bard skins include Snow Day Bard, Astronaut Bard, Elderwood Bard, Café Cuties Bard, and Bard Bard. Interesting facts include Bard’s unique ability to disable Baron Nashor and Dragon with his ultimate and his release marking the beginning of the 2015 era in League of Legends.