When a tribesman of the frigid Freljord named Kegan Rodhe, the animal known as Brand is an illustration in the enticement of more prominent power. Looking for one of the amazing World Runes, Kegan deceived his partners and held onto it for himself and, in a moment, the man was no more. His spirit consumed with smoldering heat, his body a vessel of living fire, Brand presently meanders Valoran looking for different Runes, swearing retribution for wrongs he would never conceivably have experienced in twelve human lifetimes.



Early Life

Fundamental article: The Burning Vengeance

Brand was brought into the world as Kegan Rhode in the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord, in the locale of Lokfar in a settlement called Rygann’s Reach. His mom was a healer and his dad was a reaver. Along these lines and the way that his dad never remained to raise him, he procured the moniker “Reaver-Bastard” among individuals of Rygann’s Reach.

Kegan and his mom were evaded from the settlement, with the main explanation they weren’t exiled from the settlement completely being that Kegan’s mom recuperated the denisons of Rygann’s Reach. Because of all of this, Kegan was regularly the subject of scorn from the residents, frequently being called names and getting in battles. His main companion was Zvanna, a neighborhood young lady he met soon after she and her family had moved to Rygann’s scope. Kegan and Zvanna were sweethearts for a period, yet halted eventually for obscure reasons, undoubtedly in view of Kegan’s attitude against the residents that were horrible to him.


Primary article: From the Ashes

After the Death of his mom, Kegan was educated by Zvanna that the Townspeople of Rygann’s Reach needed him to leave. In the wake of getting together and preparing to leave, Kegan slipped into the home of Rygann, the head of Rygann’s Reach and the individual that Kegan despised and faulted the most for what he and his mom needed to suffer during their visit at the town. He poured gas on the floor of the home and as Rygann woke up, Kegan let Rygann know that he and the wide range of various residents had killed his mom by leisurely eroding her with how they treated her and that he was presently sending Kegan out to pass on. He then, at that point, set the house ablaze.

In the wake of consuming himself in the fire that he began, Kegan left expecting to leave Rygann’s Reach and go into the wild. In the wake of getting on top of a slope, Kegan thought back and saw that the fire had spread all through the whole settlement. Understanding that Zvanna’s home had burned to the ground, he ran back to view as her,. He observed her dead body laying close to her family’s bodies. In the wake of stooping close to them for a period, he went into the wild to track down another settlement.

Kegan meandered through the wild for a really long time, hunting natural life to get by. He had meandered into a cavern expecting to stand by out a snowstorm when Ryze strolled into the cavern and mended him of his frostbite and his serious consumes from the fire at Rygann’s Reach. Ryze saw potential in Kegan and chose to accept him as his understudy.


Primary article: The Burning Vengeance

After Kegan had been Ryze’s understudy for a period, they found a World Rune, otherworldly antiquity that could provide the client with a lot of mysterious power. In the wake of getting it, Kegan decided to keep and involve the World Rune for his own benefit. The Rune changed Kegan, making the animal who might ultimately come to be known as Brand. A sad remnant of the man he used to be, Brand started his quest for more World Runes.



Brand has copied dark and dark skin. This skin is hindered by an orange streak along his chest that eminates light. His hands and scalp are this equivalent shade of orange and are persistently ablaze. Fissure where his eyes and mouth would be are supplanted with orange light. Brand wears only some earthy colored pants with belts around every leg, with the lower half of these jeans being scorched off.



  1. BLAZE- Brand’s spells light his objectives burning, managing harm more than 4 seconds, piling up to multiple times. On the off chance that Brand kills a foe while it is burning, he recovers mana. Whenever Blaze arrives at max stacks on a Champion or huge beast, it becomes unsteady. It explodes in 2 seconds, applying spell impacts and managing enormous harm in a space around the person in question.
  2. SEAR- Brand dispatches a bundle of fire forward that bargains sorcery harm. In the event that the objective is burning, Sear will daze the objective for 1.5 seconds.
  3. PILLAR OF FLAME- After a brief pause, Brand makes a Pillar of Flame at an objective region, managing wizardry harm to adversary units inside the area. Units that are burning take an extra 25% harm.
  4. CONFLAGRATION- Brand invokes a strong impact at his objective that spreads to local adversaries, managing sorcery harm. On the off chance that the objective is burning, Conflagration’s spread is multiplied.
  5. PYROCLASM- Brand releases an overwhelming downpour of fire that skips up to multiple times off of Brand and close by adversaries, managing enchantment harm to foes each time ricochet. Bobs focus on stacking Blaze to max on Champions. On the off chance that an objective is on fire, Pyroclasm will momentarily sluggish them.



Kegan Rhode was an irate man, unpleasant towards the denisons of Rygann’s Reach for how they treated him and his mom. He had a dangerous attitude, frequently falling back on him hollering, or all the more regularly utilizing brutality at the people who incensed him. Notwithstanding, Kegan’s character was stripped away by the World Rune during his change into Brand. Not much is been aware of Brand’s character, however, it is realized that he thinks about Ryze his foe, and faults Ryze for his plunge.

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