An antiquated and baffling breeze soul, Janna has come to safeguard the seized of Zaun. While her presence is most frequently felt as a relieving breeze or a savage storm, she likewise can appear in physical structure as an ethereal figure, encouraging the oppressed. Over the ages, Janna has seen the ascent and fall of civic establishments. Through everything, she stays enduring as an encouraging sign to those out of luck.

Haha’s help job comprises champions that help their partners all through the game and is a place that suits characters with utility, withdrawal, or high base harm. One of the most incredible help champions in the game is Janna.

Janna, furnished with the gifts and powers of Runeterra’s hurricanes, is a spiritualist basic breeze soul safeguarding the seized of Zaun. Certain individuals accept Janna was brought into reality by the supplications of Runeterra’s mariners, who tirelessly petitioned God for fair breezes as they went through deceptive waters and unpleasant tempests.

Since her presentation, Janna’s approval and insurance have been brought in Zaun’s profundity, where she was the fate of expectation for the poor. Nobody knows when or where Janna will show up, however, she will generally come to help, as legends say.



Janna is a help and mage champion in League of Legends, having incredible capacity abilities. She centers around assisting her partners with her different utility abilities. She’s an antiquated breeze soul or basic that has come to safeguard the confiscated of Zaun.

While Janna’s presence is most frequently felt like an alleviating cool wind or a savage tempest, the boss can appear in human structure as a spooky figure, helping the oppressed. Over the ages, this breeze natural has seen the wonderful ascent and damaging fall of various civic establishments and through everything, Janna stays resolute as an encouraging sign to all.



Janna is a Spirit God who appears as a thin lady with white skin, tightened ears, and long, fair hair. She wears light, hallowed attire with a white range for certain orange gemstones. The most particular adornment on her clothing is the crown that has all the earmarks of being a gem on her head. She likewise has a staff that has all the earmarks of being a gem.



TAILWIND– Janna acquires the reward Move Speed moving toward associated champions and close-by partnered champions gain this reward while pushing toward her.

HOWLING GALE– By making a confined change in tension and temperature, Janna can make a little tempest that develops in size with time. She can actuate the spell again to deliver the tempest. On discharge this tempest will fly towards the heading it was projected in, managing harm and thumping ceaselessly any adversaries in its way.

ZEPHYR– Janna gathers an air basic that inactively speeds up and empowers her to go through units. She may likewise initiate this capacity to bargain harm and slow an adversary’s Move Speed. The inactive is lost while this capacity is on cooldown.

EYE OF THE STORM– Janna summons a guarded storm that safeguards a partner champion or turret from approaching harm and builds their Attack Damage.

MONSOON– Janna encircle herself in a supernatural tempest, tossing adversaries back. After the tempest has settled, relieving winds mend close by partners while the capacity is dynamic.


  1. Jan’ahrem is her antiquated name which is an old Shuriman word signifying “watchman”, as time passed by it became Janna.
  2. Her given name starts from Arabic جنّة‎‎, signifying “heaven, garden, fenced in area”, < Syriac ܓܢܬܐ ɡannəθɑʔ, < proto-Semitic thing *Gann-at (> Hebrew גִּנָּה‏ ginnâh) lit. “plot of land safeguarded [by a barrier]”, from Semitic root g-n-n “secure”.
  3. In any case, “Watchman ~ Guarding” would’ve been **Jānina < *Gānin-at (> Hebrew גּוֹנֶנֶת gônénet).
  4. Her last name in the old legend is Windforce.
  5. Janna is a soul god from pre-majestic Shurima. “Soul divine beings” are more similar to appearances of social thoughts, given gigantic power by the conviction of their supporters and can come and go, depending – or vanish for quite a long time.
  6. She is north of 6000 years of age.
  7. At her pinnacle, she was considerably more remarkable than most God-Warriors, protecting Oshra Va’Zaun from the Darkin war.
  8. She was viewed as a bogus icon by the antiquated Shurima domain.
  9. Janna seems, by all accounts, to be left-given despite the fact that a portion of her work of art makes them hold her staff in her right hand.

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