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Janna Review

Hey there, fellow summoners and gamers! Today, we’re diving into the enchanting world of League of Legends to explore the enigmatic champion, Janna. She’s the guardian of the dispossessed in Zaun, and whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn about this wind-wielding wonder.


Picture this: a soothing breeze that brings solace to those in need or a ferocious tempest that can strike fear into the hearts of her enemies. That’s Janna, a benevolent and mysterious champion who stands as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden.

Champion Abilities

Janna’s abilities make her a force to be reckoned with on the Rift:

Passive – Tailwind: Janna gains bonus movement speed when moving towards allied champions, and nearby allies get a piece of the action too. It’s all about that swift teamwork!

Q – Howling Gale: She can conjure a storm that grows over time and release it to deal damage and knock away foes. Talk about a wind of change!

W – Zephyr: Janna summons an air elemental, enhancing her movement speed and enabling her to phase through units. She can also slow down enemies with it, but remember, patience is key.

E – Eye of the Storm: Janna creates a defensive gale to shield an ally champion or turret from harm while boosting their attack damage. That’s some real guardian angel stuff right there.

R – Monsoon: Janna surrounds herself in a magical storm, hurling enemies away. But here’s the kicker: it also heals nearby allies. Talk about turning the tide of battle!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion


  • High Crowd Control (CC): Janna’s abilities can disrupt the enemy team’s plans with ease.
  • Best Scaling Enchanter: She becomes a powerhouse as the game progresses.
  • Solo Carry Potential: Janna can turn the tides of battle with her utility.
  • Playmaker: Her abilities can make or break team fights.
  • Consistent High Winrate: She’s a reliable pick when played right.


  • Hard to Blind Pick: She struggles in some matchups.
  • Struggles Against Heavy Poke: Poke-heavy lanes can be a challenge.
  • Weak Laning: Her laning phase isn’t her strongest suit.
  • Unreliable Engage: Janna isn’t the best at initiating fights.
  • Potential Play Breaker: A misused ultimate can hinder your team.

Best Items for Champion

Now, let’s gear up Janna for success:

 Moonstone Renewer: A standard pick, great for sustained fights and overall utility.

 Mikael’s Blessing: If the enemy team has targetable crowd control, this is a must-have for clutch saves.

 Redemption: Buffs heals and shields and can enhance other support items. A solid all-rounder.

 Ardent Censer: Perfect when teamed up with hyper carries. Boost your ADC’s power!

 Staff of Flowing Water: A wise choice with an AP-heavy team composition.

 Vigilant Wardstone: Late-game vision control at its finest.

 Mejai’s Soulstealer: If you’re feeling confident and want to snowball, this is a risk worth taking.

 Boots of Swiftness: Great for roaming and making plays across the map.

Best Lanes and Roles for Champion

Wondering where Janna shines the brightest?

Janna great as a Support. Janna excels in team fights and fights around confined spaces. Her abilities can keep her team going strong, especially with multiple items.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Let’s talk matchups:

  • Janna wins lane against Pantheon and Milio.
  • Beware of Bard and Zyra, as they’re Janna’s worst nightmares.

My Feedback on Janna

Janna is undoubtedly one of the most underrated champions. She excels in peeling for her team, has incredible mobility, and is a fantastic roaming support. Her playmaking potential in team fights with Howling Gale and Monsoon is simply unmatched.

However, she struggles in certain matchups due to her short auto-attack range and Zephyr. Blind picking her can be risky, but when you find the right situation, she’s a game-changer.

Best Skins for Janna

Dress Janna up in style with these skins:

  • Hextech Janna: A unique steampunk-inspired look, perfect for collectors.
  • Fnatic Janna: Celebrate victory with this distinctive design, though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Frost Queen Janna: Embrace the icy theme with snowflake effects and a snow owl companion.
  • Victorious Janna: A classic skin, symbolizing success for Gold players in 2012.
  • Sacred Sword Janna: Dive into Chinese fantasy culture with this captivating design.
  • Crystal Rose Janna: While lacking a strong theme, it shines in its detailed model and chromas.
  • Guardian of the Sands Janna: A beautiful palette of browns, golds, and jades, with impressive effects.
  • Battle Queen Janna: Stunning wings, butterflies, and ability effects, though thematic consistency could be improved.
  • Forecast Janna: A historic skin with unique voice lines and interactions.
  • Star Guardian Janna: For lovers of stars and Janna’s auto attacks, this skin delivers.
  • Bewitching Janna: The top pick, offering a cohesive theme, adorable pumpkin cat, festive recall, and unique passive effect with bat shadows.

Champion’s Interesting Facts

  • Did you know Janna is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald?
  • She shares her voice actress with Sona and DJ Sona.
  • During development, she was initially called “AirAvatar” before becoming “The Avatar of Air.”
  • Some localizations still refer to her as “L’avatar De L’air.”
  • Janna’s lore might have been inspired by Storm from X-Men.
  • She might have been based on Barbariccia from Final Fantasy IV.

Mastering Janna: Tips and Tricks

When playing Janna, your main focus should be on keeping your ADC alive at all costs. Stick to them like glue and use your abilities to protect them. Don’t hesitate to use your ultimate, Monsoon, to knock back any would-be attackers.

Stay close to your team throughout the game. Don’t wander off alone, as Janna’s role is to protect her teammates. Warding objectives is crucial, but your safety comes first.

In lane, use your W and basic attacks to harass the enemy. Wait for them to waste their abilities, then move in for the poke. Timing is everything.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge and tricks to become a Janna master. So, go out there, summoners, and let the winds of victory carry you to glory on the Rift!

Best Guide for Janna in 2023

For a comprehensive guide to mastering Janna, check out this link:Guide to Janna Support.

And there you have it, an in-depth look at Janna, the Windy Protector of Zaun. So, summoners, go forth and harness the power of the tempest to claim victory on the Fields of Justice!


Who is Janna in League of Legends?

Janna is a champion in League of Legends known as the Windy Protector of Zaun. She is a support champion with abilities focused on crowd control, protection, and healing.

What are Janna’s abilities and their roles?

Janna has four main abilities: Passive – Tailwind (bonus movement speed), Q – Howling Gale (damage and knockback), W – Zephyr (mobility and slow), E – Eye of the Storm (shield and attack damage boost), and R – Monsoon (knockback and healing).

What are the pros and cons of playing Janna in League of Legends?

Pros of playing Janna include high crowd control, scaling power, and the ability to turn the tide of battles. Cons include struggles in certain matchups, vulnerability to poke, and a weaker laning phase.

What are the recommended items for Janna in League of Legends?

Recommended items for Janna include Moonstone Renewer, Mikael’s Blessing, Redemption, Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water, Vigilant Wardstone, and Boots of Swiftness.

What are some tips for mastering Janna in League of Legends?

Tips for playing Janna effectively include focusing on protecting your ADC, staying close to your team, using abilities to harass enemies in lane, and being mindful of your positioning and warding.