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Poppy Review

Greetings, fellow gamers! Today, we’re stepping into the dynamic realm of Poppy, a cherished League of Legends champion who has been a part of the game since 2010. I’m thrilled to share with you why Poppy is worth your attention. She belongs to the esteemed Warden class and boasts the flexibility to excel in various positions, including top, jungle, and support. So, what’s the scoop on Poppy, and why is she such a standout champion? Let’s explore!


In the grand tapestry of Runeterra, there are countless champions, but none quite like Poppy. Armed with the legendary hammer of Orlon, a weapon twice her size, this determined yordle has spent untold years on a secret quest to find the fabled “Hero of Demacia,” the rightful wielder of her mighty hammer. Until that hero arrives, she’s committed to charging into battle, defending the kingdom with her unyielding spirit.

Poppy is a yordle with light blue fur, magenta eyes, and a unique style, sporting two ash-blonde ponytails, a red scarf, and a set of sturdy armor, with her trusty Shieldy strapped to her back.

Champion Abilities

Let’s break down Poppy’s abilities:

Passive – Iron Ambassador: Poppy throws her buckler at her target, and she can retrieve it to gain a temporary shield.

Q – Hammer Shock: Poppy swings her hammer, dealing damage and creating a zone that slows enemies and eventually explodes.

W – Steadfast Presence: Poppy gains passive Armor and Magic Resist, with increased bonuses when her health is low. She can activate this to gain movement speed and prevent enemy dashes, which slows and grounds them.

E – Heroic Charge: Poppy dashes to her target, pushing them back. If they collide with a wall, they get stunned.

R – Keeper’s Verdict: Poppy channels her hammer strike to send enemies flying.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Poppy

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of playing Poppy:


  • Great clearing speed and decent damage output.
  • Fantastic dash-blocking capability with her W.
  • Effective ganks with speed, crowd control, and damage.
  • Poppy is undeniably one of the most fun champions to play.
  • She can turn the tide of teamfights with her ultimate.
  • Her gameplay is easy to pick up and enjoy.


  • It’s easy to make mistakes with her E and R.
  • Poppy isn’t the best duelist during the early game.
  • She struggles to solo objectives like the Drake or Herald.
  • Vulnerable to anti-CC champions like Olaf.
  • True damage can be a real pain.
  • Predictable plays might make her less effective.

Best Items for Poppy

Picking the right items can elevate your Poppy game. Here are some top choices:

 Corrupting Potion: An excellent starting item, giving you a significant power spike. Use it for healing, mana regeneration, and bonus damage with Grasp of the Undying.

 Doran’s Shield: Ideal for ranged matchups, offering health regeneration to help you survive the laning phase.

 Sheen: Amplify your damage output and synergy with Grasp of the Undying. It can later build into Divine Sunderer or Iceborn Gauntlet.

 Caulfield’s Warhammer: A good choice, especially if you’re planning to build Black Cleaver or Divine Sunderer. It provides AD and Ability Haste.

 Kindlegem: Offers health and Ability Haste and can be built into Black Cleaver, Divine Sunderer, and Iceborn Gauntlet.

 Sterak’s Gage: Grants a massive health shield and additional AD.

 Ravenous Hydra: A damage-dealing powerhouse with Ability Haste, AD, and lifesteal.

Best Lanes and Roles for Poppy

Poppy shines as a tanky top laner, excelling at locking down single targets, interrupting dashes, and disengaging unwanted teamfights. But that’s not all! She’s also a solid jungler, thanks to her crowd control capabilities. Poppy’s early game explosive power makes her a fantastic choice for invading and ganking at level three.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of matchups. Poppy dominates champions like Warwick and Rek’Sai in the jungle. However, she should steer clear of Karthus and Master Yi, who can give her a hard time. Knowing your counters and favorable picks can make all the difference.

Price of Poppy in 2023

As of 2023, Poppy’s price in the store is 450 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points.

My Feedback

As a gamer who has Poppy in my roster, I can say she’s a fantastic choice. Her laning phase is strong, with impressive damage output and decent scaling. What sets her apart is her tankiness and versatility, especially her Steadfast Presence, which can be used for both mobility and dash-blocking, making her a viable pick even when falling behind. However, it’s worth noting that her Heroic Charge can be stopped by champions like Vladimir, Zed, and Ezreal with blink and untargetable effects. She also struggles against ranged opponents and magic champions. Being aware of her strengths and weaknesses is key to mastering Poppy.

Best Guide for Poppy in 2023

If you want to get the most out of your Poppy gameplay in 2023, I’ve got a handy guide to share with you. Check out this comprehensive guide:Poppy Guide. It’s an excellent resource to master the ins and outs of playing Poppy to her fullest potential.

Best Skins for Poppy

Poppy has a range of cool skins to choose from, each offering a unique look and feel. Let’s break down some of the best options:

  • Star Guardian Poppy: A bit expensive and with an anime-inspired theme, this skin may not be for everyone, but its flashy animations can make a statement.
  • Snow Fawn Poppy: Perfect for the holiday season, this skin embraces a Christmas theme with snow-themed animations, offering a less overwhelming alternative to Star Guardian.
  • Battle Regalia Poppy: Minimalistic yet lore-friendly, this skin gives Poppy a warrior’s appearance with cool armor and a Norse-inspired hammer.
  • Scarlet Hammer Poppy: This skin can be a hit or miss with its cool red armor but somewhat goofy glowing eyes.
  • Lollipoppy: For those who love humor and a touch of terror, this skin lets Poppy beat down her foes with a lollipop.
  • Hextech Poppy: A futuristic and clean skin, but it’s extremely rare to obtain, making it a choice for those who want to flaunt their gemstone collection.
  • Astronaut Poppy: Offering a futuristic theme with new animations and voice lines, this skin is on the pricier side and diverges a bit from Poppy’s lore.
  • Bewitching Poppy: A cute skin with fantastic animations, including pumpkin-themed abilities and spooky sound effects.
  • Noxus Poppy: A subtle yet effective skin that enhances Poppy’s badass factor while remaining budget-friendly.
  • Ragdoll Poppy: A favorite among fans of quirky skins, it offers a cute and thematically coherent experience with polished character models.
  • Blacksmith Poppy: Lore-friendly and gorgeous in the splash art, this skin retains the classic Poppy look, making it a top choice for those who value consistency and a believable representation.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Poppy is full of surprises. Here are some tricks and interesting facts to keep in mind:

  • Poppy was the first champion released in 2010.
  • Poppy is the only post-launch champion to be priced at 1350 IP on release, unlike other champions who were present when the game officially launched in 2009.
  • Poppy is one of two champions that went into the weekly champion rotation on the day of their release, the other being Udyr.
  • Before her Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU) in 2015, Poppy had gone the longest without an update to her base splash art.
  • When engaging in jungle skirmishes, fight near walls so that you can Heroic Charge enemies into them.
  • Use your Ultimate, Keeper’s Verdict, to knock away key targets in a team fight and then collapse on the remaining enemies. Sometimes, you may need to displace the frontline, while in other situations, you’ll want to remove the backline.
  • Whenever your Passive shield drops, make sure to pick it up to enjoy extra sustain in the jungle.

Poppy is indeed an exciting champion with loads of versatility, and mastering her can be a rewarding experience.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to Poppy, the yordle with a heart as strong as her hammer. Now, it’s your turn to charge into battle and make Demacia proud!


Who is Poppy in League of Legends?

Poppy is a yordle champion armed with a powerful hammer, on a quest to find the “Hero of Demacia.” She’s a versatile Warden class champion, suitable for top, jungle, and support roles.

What are Poppy’s key abilities?

Poppy’s abilities include Iron Ambassador (passive), Hammer Shock (Q), Steadfast Presence (W), Heroic Charge (E), and Keeper’s Verdict (R). These skills offer damage, crowd control, and mobility.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Poppy?

Pros include her clear speed, dash-blocking ability, and fun gameplay. She’s great in teamfights and easy to pick up. Cons include the potential for mistakes, weak early dueling, and vulnerability to certain champions and true damage.

What are the best items for Poppy in 2023?

Recommended items for Poppy include Corrupting Potion, Sheen, Caulfield’s Warhammer, Kindlegem, Sterak’s Gage, and Ravenous Hydra. These items enhance her durability and damage output.

What are some of the best Poppy skins and interesting facts about the champion?

Some notable Poppy skins include Star Guardian, Snow Fawn, Battle Regalia, Lollipoppy, Hextech, and more. Interesting facts include Poppy’s 2010 release, her unique IP pricing, and her post-VGU splash art update.