Continuously a strong hero with a fearsome standing, Alistar looks for retribution for the passing of his family on account of thE Noxian domain. However he was oppressed and constrained into the existence of a combatant, his solid will strong will was what the future held turning into a monster. Presently, liberated from the chains of his previous bosses, he battles for the sake of the discouraged and the impeded, his fury as much a weapon as his horns, hooves, and clench hands.




Alistar experienced childhood in the Minotaur tribes of the Great Barrier mountains. These tribes safeguarded the overland shipping lanes to Zaun, and they liked to stay away from Valoran’s more extensive contentions.

Alistar was known as an honorable fighter and was regarded among every one of the groups. Regardless of this, he generally asked his kinfolk to produce more prominent bonds with different races. In any case, many saw Minotaurs as minimal more than monsters, which soured any association and kept the tribes as untouchables.


The domain of Noxus came to the Great Barrier, mentioning a conference with delegates from the factions. The messenger of Noxus, the female authority of House Tewain, said that the realm was ready to take Basilich, a seaside city toward the east. In any case, she promised that they wouldn’t do this without the help of the Minotaur factions.

While a considerable lot of the Minotaurs were anxious to acknowledge her proposition and join Noxus, considering this to be a method for acquiring the power and acknowledgment they looked for, Alistar still had doubts, for he had experienced Noxian scouts beforehand, and he realized that they generally will be beguiling and crafty individuals. His family sent him to meet Tewain, alongside fifty of their mightiest champions, to dismiss any coalition for the benefit of their faction.

Whenever Alistar showed up and made his position understood, he discovered that the bigger families had as of now vowed themselves to Noxus. Their delegates betrayed him and battled against Alistar and his heroes alongside Noxus. Regardless of killing Lady Tewain alongside numerous Noxians and different Minotaurs, Alistar and his enduring champions were caught and moved to the capital of Noxus, blamed for instigating resistance.

Alistar and his kindred heroes were given a role as Reckoners in the fields of the city for a multi-day celebration of relentless battles. Regardless of telling his heroes to not retaliate and satisfy the hordes of the fields, Alistar was the last Minotaur remaining after the celebration finished. Thereafter, he was made to battle to an ever increasing extent, transforming him into a savage individual.



Alistar is a purple-cleaned Minotaur with blue hair, red eyes, and enormous, white horns. He is extremely solid, with an excessively huge middle and arms. He wears only an undergarment around his midriff and unbound sleeves on his wrists.



Alistar is a warrior, and his objective is to battle against Noxus for the sake of all he has lost and every one of those that have lost far as well. He is furious, needing Noxus to fall and inducing insubordination in Noxuian domains. In spite of this, Alistar has a good nature and is determined to track down Ayelia no matter what, as she was an example of the rare type of person who gave grace to him.



  • TRIUMPHANT ROAR- He charges his thunder by shocking or dislodging adversary champions or when close by foes pass on. Whenever completely energized he mends himself all close by associated champions.
  • PULVERIZE- He crushes the ground, managing harm to local adversaries and throwing them up high.
  • HEADBUTT- He rams an objective with his head, managing harm and thumping the objective back.
  • TRAMPLE- He stomps on neighboring adversary units, overlooking unit crashes and acquiring stacks assuming that he harms a foe champion. At full stacks Alistar’s next fundamental assault against an adversary champion arrangements extra sorcery harm and staggers them.
  • UNBREAKABLE WILL- He lets out a wild thunder, eliminating all group control consequences for himself, and decreasing approaching physical and mystical harm for the span.




Subsequent to being caught and transformed into a Reckoner for the different fields of the Noxian capital, Ayelia would visit Alistar in his enclosure consistently and talk compassionately to him. Ayelia and Alistar brought forth a getaway plan, liberating Alistar and Ayelia from the hands of Noxus. Notwithstanding, when this arrangement was executed, Ayelia vanished on a boat while Alistar battled Noxian specialists. Alistar searches for Ayelia any place she proceeds to be determined to view as her.

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