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Malphite Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to talk about a rock-solid champion – Malphite. I’ve been itching to review this champion, and in this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about him. Malphite may be a living boulder, but trust me, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Why I Want to Review This Champion

I’ve got a soft spot for Malphite. He’s not the flashiest champion out there, but he’s definitely worth having in your champion pool, especially when you need to give certain champions a hard time. This guy is as reliable as they come.


Malphite’s lore is as rock-solid as he is. Born from the great Ixtal Monolith, this living stone giant has been around for ages, studying the elemental balance of Runeterra. He’s like the world’s oldest babysitter, using his strength to keep the chaos in check. But now, he’s dealing with us mortals and trying to find a worthy cause. It’s a tough gig for the last of his kind.

Champion Abilities

Malphite’s abilities pack a punch, and they’re all about the earth-shaking action.

Passive – Granite Shield Malphite is literally shielded by a layer of rock, which can soak up damage. It’s like having a forcefield of stone. And if he doesn’t get hit for a while, it recharges – talk about a tough nut to crack!

Q – Seismic Shard Malphite hurls a piece of the earth at his foe, dealing damage and stealing their move speed. It’s like having your own personalized earthquake on standby.

W – Thunderclap Malphite’s punches are so powerful that they create sonic booms. These punches also create aftershocks, making him a one-man rock show.

E – Ground Slam Malphite slams the ground, sending out a shockwave that dishes out magic damage based on his armor. Plus, it slows down enemy attack speeds, making it tough for them to trade blows with him.

R – Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force is not just a cool name; it’s an amazing ultimate. Malphite launches himself at high speed to a location, damaging enemies and knocking them up. It’s a game-changer in team fights.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Malphite

Now, let’s get real about Malphite’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s my take:


  • Great initiation skills
  • A formidable counter for specific champions
  • Incredibly tanky against certain team compositions
  • Unleashes havoc in team fights
  • Can shut down most split-pushers


  • Struggles when hard-countered
  • Ineffective against champions with strong AP sustain
  • Tricky to play, especially without follow-up from your team
  • Requires careful decision-making when engaging

Best Items for Malphite

Choosing the right items can make or break your Malphite game. Here are my go-to picks:

 Warmog’s Armor: Don’t underestimate this item. Malphite thrives on having a high health pool, even if he’s already got rock-hard defenses. You can tank tower shots during sieges, then back off to regenerate your health, and jump back into the fight with full vigor. It’s a game-changer in team fights, too.

 Randuin’s Omen: It used to be primarily for crit-based champions, but it’s evolved into a versatile anti-physical damage item. With solid armor and extra utility, it’s perfect for dealing with AD assassins or bruisers.

 Thornmail: When you’re facing champions with enormous sustain, this is your go-to. Champions like Fiora, Tryndamere, or AD carries with lots of lifesteal won’t know what hit them. Besides the healing reduction, it dishes out significant damage to those who dare to attack you.

 Gargoyle Stoneplate: Since the recent changes, this item has become a must-have for Malphite. It’s perfect if you already have a decent health pool and need mixed defense against both AD and AP threats. It used to give extra health, which reduced your damage, but now it’s just a shield effect that doesn’t sacrifice your damage potential. It’s a game-changer in team fights.

 Dead Man’s Plate: It might not have been a top pick for Malphite in the past, but after the rework of tank items, it’s found its place. This item enhances your mobility, allowing you to chase down targets or engage in team fights more efficiently. It’s a must-have for a more mobile Malphite.

Best Lanes and Roles for Malphite

Malphite isn’t picky about where he goes, but he truly shines in the top lane. You can also unleash his might in the jungle or even mid lane if you’re aiming for a victory. If you’re looking for that early-game dominance and the ability to win team fights, he’s your guy.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Here’s the lowdown on Malphite’s matchups. He’s a top lane champ that thrives against the likes of Darius and Tryndamere, but beware of Sylas and Maokai; they can be nightmares. It’s best to avoid them like the plague.

Price of Malphite in 2023

In 2023, Malphite’s price is pretty budget-friendly. You can get him for 450 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points. It’s a steal for a champion this rock-solid.

My Feedback

Alright, time to wrap this up. Malphite is the definition of a situational champion. He can bulldoze certain top-lane champs and is a powerhouse in team fights. However, he does have some obvious weaknesses, especially against heavy AP teams. And remember, if you’re playing Malphite, you’re the one responsible for initiating fights. It’s a double-edged sword – either you do it right and bask in glory, or you mess it up, and everyone points their fingers at you. It’s all part of the game, though.

Best Guide for Malphite in 2023

If you want to master Malphite in 2023, I’ve got a cool guide for you. Check out Malphite Guide. It’s a treasure trove of tips and strategies to help you rock the Rift.

Best Skins for Malphite

Now, let’s talk about the skins that give Malphite some extra style points. Here’s my take:

  • Dark Star Malphite: It’s a bit disappointing and doesn’t capture Malphite’s essence. The animations are cool, but it feels like a different champion.
  • Marble Malphite: It’s a cheap skin with minimal changes. Not the most memorable, but it might be worth considering if you get it from a chest.
  • Odyssey Malphite: This one’s an A-tier when his shield is up, but he looks like a slug without it. The space theme and animations with the shield are top-notch.
  • Coral Reef Malphite: It’s decent but doesn’t offer much. The splash art is outdated, and the in-game model and ability changes are pretty minor.
  • Mecha Malphite: Impressive animations but lacks a truly robotic appearance. It’s more reminiscent of a toy robot than a giant one, but it’s not a bad choice.
  • Old God Malphite: This skin takes Malphite to a whole new level, transforming him into a nightmarish demon. With an impressive base model and animations that perfectly fit the Old God theme, it’s a real showstopper.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

We’re not done yet! Let’s uncover some hidden gems about Malphite:

  • Did you know that while the Ground Slam’s icon shows Malphite punching the ground, the actual animation has him slam the ground with his open palm? It’s a little detail that adds to his character.
  • Ground Slam leaves an imprint shaped like the Riot Games Inc. logo upon impact. It’s a subtle Easter egg for the eagle-eyed players.
  • Malphite’s dance reflects the moves of Capoeira, specifically the ‘Ginga Steps.’ So when you’re grooving with Malphite, you’re dancing to a real-world martial art!

Malphite is a rock-solid champion, both in terms of gameplay and lore. He may not have the most extensive toolkit, but what he brings to the table is raw power and resilience. Just like his monolithic origins, Malphite endures in the League of Legends universe, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash his unstoppable force.

So, the next time you’re on the Rift and hear the ground rumbling, you’ll know that Malphite, the unstoppable force of nature, is on the move. Embrace the rock and roll of the League, and may your games be filled with seismic victories!


Who is Malphite in League of Legends?

Malphite is a champion in League of Legends, released on September 2, 2009. He’s known for his rock-solid appearance and powerful abilities.

What are Malphite’s key strengths and weaknesses?

Malphite excels at initiation, countering specific champions, and being a tank in the right team composition. However, he struggles when hard-countered, faces challenges against champions with strong AP sustain, and requires careful decision-making during engagements.

What are the recommended items for Malphite in 2023?

Key items for Malphite include Warmog’s Armor for high health, Randuin’s Omen for anti-physical damage, Thornmail against sustain champions, Gargoyle Stoneplate for mixed defense, and Dead Man’s Plate for enhanced mobility.

Where is the best lane and role for Malphite to play?

Malphite is versatile and can be played in the top lane, jungle, or mid lane, but he truly shines in the top lane. He’s an excellent choice for early-game dominance and team fighting.

What are the best skins for Malphite in League of Legends?

Some of the recommended skins for Malphite include Old God Malphite for a nightmarish theme and Odyssey Malphite for a space-themed appearance with impressive animations.